Video: Tim Kurkjian Runs in Mascot Race, Finishes in Last Place

ESPN MLB analyst Tim Kurkjian has accomplished many feats during the course of his career covering baseball, but he’s never run in a mascot race. Until tonight, that is.

During Monday’s Nationals-Brewers game at Miller Park, which was nationally televised on ESPN2, Kurkjian was invited to put on the gear and run in the Sausage Race in the bottom of the sixth inning. And that’s exactly what he did (wearing No. 4).

Unfortunately, he finished in last place, which you can watch for yourself in the video posted below.

Here’s a photo of all the Racing Sausages lined up right before the race began. It was the closest Kurkjian would ever be to the rest of his competition, as he was left in the dust right out of the gate.

However, it may have been due to the Brewers third base coach, who was talking to him and had poor Kurkjian turned around just before the race began.

timmy k

Afterwards, he called it “the single most humiliating experience of my life.” He also said he thought the mascots were to run the ‘other way.’ So apparently, he was confused about the direction of the race.

Either way, he lost by a large margin, but it was all in good fun.

[Video credit: Natty Daddy DC]

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