Why World of Tanks has triumphed

Today, in what is on its way to becoming a section of free-to-play games, I come to tell you about World of Tanks. Most will already know (the game came out in 2011), and you will know that it is the most played multiplayer tank in the world. In fact, it is also the most played tank game in the world, and one of the most important games of recent years. So, what is the secret of your success? Why has World of Tanks triumphed where many others have stayed in the ditch?

Play free world of tanks

Since its launch, WoT has been treated with skepticism by critics. It was considered to be a fun but mediocre game, which did not contribute anything to the genre and would go down in history without pain or glory. In addition, the free-to-play model was relatively new in Europe, and there were few who felt that it would never work. Today, however, this game of Wargames has more than 65 million registered players worldwide, and has turned a modest company into a corporation to take into account in the world of video games. Something we should have missed.

But let’s start at the beginning, just in case someone does not know what the hell I’m talking about. What is World of Tanks? Well it is a multiplayer action game about tanks. Each player pilots a battle car, and in general we will have to join forces with our battalion comrades to decimate the enemy and conquer their base. The action is less frenetic than what we are used to seeing in multiplayer shooters, which removes something of importance to the player’s reflexes and gives it to team strategy. We are going to point this out as one of the keys to your success and one of the best strategies is buying cheap WoT accounts for sale.

World of Tanks

When choosing our tank, the options are very numerous. We can choose between Soviet, German, American, French, English, Chinese and Japanese vehicles, all of them belonging to the first half of the 20th century. The election of this period is not accidental, because that time is considered the golden age of the tanks. From their invention until satellite-guided missiles made them a relatively simple target, tanks were the most powerful force of attack that could be deployed on a battlefield, and they ended the trench warfare forever.

The choice of our nationality is not trivial, since the tanks of each of them have certain small peculiarities (being slightly faster, pointing improvements, etc.) and a different skill tree. The tanks that we can choose within each nation are divided into three basic classes (light, medium and heavy) and two special (anti-tank and self-propelled artillery). Each of these types will have different characteristics and game style, of course. Here we would have to point out another of the successes of World of Tanks: the huge variety of options in a world like the one of the tanks that, a priori, could seem limited.