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Morning reading for the New Year

Welcome to 2011, everyone! The year the Pirates … probably lose at least 82 games for the 19th consecutive season. I spent all of the last week or so thinking of things to write to open up the year, I just haven’t had a chance to start on them yet. Hopefully we’ll get there this afternoon. Until then … New Year Links! 

Chris Jaffe breaks down what’s likely to happen with this year’s Hall of Fame vote. Honestly, the voting patterns are infinitely more interesting to me than the stupid “ALL YOU DUMB OLD WRITERS/ALL YOU KIDS WITH YOUR NEW-FANGLED COMPUTATORS” arguments.  

My 1977 Pirates are beginning to pull away in the Play that Funky Baseball replay of the season as things wind down.  

MarkInDallas takes a closer look at Andrew McCutchen’s status as a potential super two and decides that maybe we’re all worried about nothing. Of course we won’t know for sure until after the 2011 season, which means that an extension still may not be likely until then.