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15-pt dogs? Seems a little high

The current line has Auburn a 15-pt favorite. To me, and others, that does seem a bit high for the fact they are facing a wide open offense that was #8 in the nation in total O last year. I just don’t see Auburn putting up that many more points than us. Now if it was 8 or 9 points? That’s a little more realistic.

The Go-2-guy has a good Coug article today. I especially like this quote from Brink.

As for Auburn, Brink said: “People say we haven’t seen a running game like theirs. Well, they haven’t seen a passing game like ours.”


I guess that’s true, although Florida is similar over the years so they have in fact seen a passing game liks ours. The game is just going to be a contrast in style, they are going to try and run it 60-65% of the time, we’ll probably throw it that same ratio, and we’ll see what happens! I love the quotes so far though, and Akey even said it best in that there is a different sense of urgency when you open against a team like Auburn vs. a team like Montana State. Granted it’s just the first week of camp and everyone’s spirits at this time are naturally high, but let’s just hope they keep it up, stay healthy and focused and give Auburn a fight they never saw coming!

Craig Smith has some good notes on the 5th year seniors and their impact this year.


Interesting that Duin is ahead of Alfred at this point. Alfred has shown a ton of ability so far in his time in Pullman, and a lot of people thought he’d be handed the center job, but Duin is a gritty, experienced dude who you like to have as the leader of the 0-line. I also like that Don Turner is looking like he’ll start opposite Brackenridge. Turner is an interesting guy mainly in that he just hasn’t panned out like many thought. I still remember he started out well back in 2003, getting an INT vs. Idaho in the opener that year and seemed like a young DB that was going to be something, but injures and consistency were issues all along. This is his last shot, so hopefully he’ll put it all together. Nice to also see he’s bulked up to nearly 200 lbs and is showing more focus!