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Big Win!!!

Short post for today and the rest of the week, but a really fantastic win yesterday. With the W, the Cougs finish the five away/four home second half with a fantastic 7-2 mark–one game ahead of the smokin’ first half. With the win, I think the Cougs assured themselves of no worse than a #4 seed, although that could drop to a 5 IF ASU beats Washington and the Cougars…Obviously, neither will happen. A couple of quick notes:

Baynes is turning into the real deal. That will serve to really, really help us against Elite Teams. We’re really on the cusp there.

Thank you Tony for making the adjustments on the screens. If you paid attention to yesterdays game you could notice a remarkable difference on where Baynes and Cowgill were setting their picks. And boy did it make a difference with our offense.

Oh Harmeling, where are you? Couple of times last night, he just looked AWFUL he was so tentative and scared. With Baynes picking it up, if Harmeling can get back on track, then look out.

I really like USC. And I also really like Oregon. Count those two as major bracket busters in my book. Both can lose early in the tourney, but I also think both are bonafide Sweet 16 teams given the right draw. USC played very, very well yesterday.

How about the Puppies? Personally, I think the win the conference tourney thing to get in is ridiculous. If they beat ASU and us, they have 20 wins and they would have beaten everyone. This really is the year where the Pac-10 should get 7. No ifs ands or buts.

We beat the Huskies and we land ourselves a 3 seed in the tourney in my book (only by winning the tourney and beating UCLA can we get a #2). And I think we will beat the Dawgs with them on the second night of a back-to-back–those guards will be tired.

Have a great week. Beating the Dawgs for the 5th straight time would really be a nice treat!!!!