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WSU Football Blogfather Show – S1 E3

Happy Monday Cougs, and a welcome back to reality.  It’s a huge dose of the Mondays for yours truly, as I was off the grid last week for vacation as the family and I hit the Deception Pass area with the RV.  A really great time for some R-N-R, and the weather pretty much cooperated as well!  By the way if you are up on some decent fly fishing opportunities on the west side of the state, please feel free to share.  My 11-year old has “the bug” after being introduced to the sport this summer, and we’re looking for streams and the like for some good experiences!  We did try the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River outside of North Bend yesterday, and it was OK, but any insider tips are greatly appreciated.

Nice pic from Martin Stadium’s Facebook page today, as some of the new signage is starting to appear.  You can see another photo here, where they are installing the logo on the new structure:

It really gives you a feel for what it’s going to truly look like this fall.  Can’t wait!  Thanks to the Cougar Football Project’s Facebook page for the updated photos.

Meanwhile, we had another podcast last night.  Officially called “Season 1, Episode 3 (or S1E3), you can give it a listen in the embedded player below….

NOTE – if you can’t view the embedded player, you can click through to the blogtalkradio.com’s web site to play it, here

Going forward, we are planning to do more shows in August.  One thing we have thought about is having it done also as a live show, where we could take callers as well as doing it podcast style.  The question is, would YOU be interested in calling in to chat?  It might be fun to turn it into an interactive process instead of the five of us yammering on?  But if you think you could possibly call in to chat, please let us know!

Meanwhile Cougfan reported on a story in the Salt Lake Tribune, that says that BYU’s return trip to Pullman in 2013 may be getting pushed back?  Check out the link here.  It appears that we may have been “bumped” for Wisconsin on BYU’s schedule next year.  I guess we’ll see what happens but interesting if BYU is bailing on the return trip to Pullman, at least for next year anyway.

Finally, Pac-12 media day is this week as you are all very aware by now.  Cougfan had a good look/primer for this week, so hit that link here.

All for now.  Enjoy your Monday and as always, GO COUGS!