WWE Superstar or 1987 Middle Infielder…the Answers!

Alright, if you’re here, it’s because, hopefully, you are trying to figure out which of the names listed HERE are either (A) WWE Superstars or (B) 1987 middle infielders.

Let’s begin.

1. Cody Runnels is also known as Cody Rhodes…part of a wrestling dynasty which includes his Hall of Fame father Dusty and half-brother, um, Goldust.
2.  Darren Matthews is also known as William Regal…a one-time member of the wrestling faction called “The Un-Americans”.
3.  Doug Frobel was a middle infielder for the Cleveland Indians.  In 1987, he batted just .100 in his 46 plate appearances.
4.  Phil Brooks is also known as WWE Champion CM Punk…or, in some circles, “The Second City Saint”.
5.  Ernie Riles was a middle infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers.  In 1987,  he batted .261 with four home runs and 38 RBI.
6.  Tom Lawless was a middle infielder for the St. Louis Cardinals.  In 1987, he batted just .080.  In the postseason, however, he raised that to .188.  Yuck.
7.  Bryan Danielson is known as Daniel Bryan.  At WrestleMania 28, he lost the World Heavyweight Championship belt in 18 seconds.
8.  Ryan Reeves is known as Ryback and is a current title contender billed as being from “SinCity”.
9.  Ron Killings is known as R. Truth and comes to the ring with his imaginary friend Little Jimmy.
10.  Domingo Ramos was a middle infielder for the Seattle Mariners.  In 1987, he batted .311 and played in 42 games.

Thanks for playing!