Brinkhater Named Offensive Player of Week!

Brinkhater Named Offensive Player of Week!

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Brinkhater Named Offensive Player of Week!


Yes, Cougar nation, Brinkhater was named offensive player of the week today after a few choice expletive laden tirades directed at Peanut (Loren Langley) during Saturdays game . Can’t believe I won it, but I can say that I have been doin’ my best to stay within myself, give it 110%, stay healthy, and do what I need to do to help the team win….

At any rate, congrats to Alex Brink for winning Pac-10 player of the week for another fantastic performance! Watching Brink throw the ball over the middle, hit his tight ends, throw the ball to the sidelines with authority…it was difficult to breathe! Add to all of that the resurgence of Woolridge, the explosiveness of Tardy, and the return of Boyd, and, well, we’ve got a bonafide Top 25 team on our hands.

So, a quick peek at the rest of the year (and in case anyone is wondering, Brinkhater is sitting fat and sassy at 9-0 in predicting Cougar fortunes this year…And guess what? I’m goin’ 12 and 0, baby!):

First things first, THE COUGARS WILL WIN OUT.

No doubt about this one. Sure, there are things to worry about: For example, how will we respond this weekend in what is a BONAFIDE let down game? Will we weather the crowd and finish the Pac-10 season with a PERFECT conference road record against ASU? Will we overcome the yips and become the first Cougar team to beat the Huskies three straight years?

The answer: Yes. The reason: Simple.

The defense is simply NOT going to give up more than 28 points in any game for the rest of the year. Period. We’ve got 9 games worth of proof. And, Alex Brink is NOT going to face the type of defense that can cause him problems. In short, he’s figured it out, he has the confidence, and he has the weapons. NO ONE left on the schedule will be able to stop this offense. No one has the speed to do so.

So, even if we find ourselves in mini shootouts, we win. Barring collosal injury, we’re going 9-3. Put it in the bank.

Couple of other notes: In case you’re wondering who and what to root for over the next couple of weeks, here you go:

Oregon over Washington
Oregon over USC
Arizona State over Beavs
Beavs over Oregon
Cal over USC

Put it all together and it spells HOLIDAY BOWL for our beloved Cougs. Best thing about it–it all is GOING TO HAPPEN.

Enjoy the week.

And yes, Rooster, rest Bruce this weekend. You HAVE TO!

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