The difference, or "why I am cheering for USC to beat Notre Dame"

The difference, or "why I am cheering for USC to beat Notre Dame"

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The difference, or "why I am cheering for USC to beat Notre Dame"


As someone who is (obviously) obsessed with Ohio State football, I’m always looking for comparisons and similarities to previous matchups and previous seasons. Clearly, it’s easy to compare this season to 2002.

Ohio State won their bid to the National Championship game in 2002 two weeks before the opponent was named, which gave us two weeks of college football to discuss and cheer for (or against). I cheered my heart out for Virginia Tech to knock off Miami. I had come to HATE Miami and I wanted them to lose as often as possible, but deep down, I didn’t really want to play them. Looking back, I’m not sure why. That championship was SO much sweeter because we knocked off a team we were supposed to lose to (by as much as 2 touchdowns). Would the glory have been as great if we had defeated Oklahoma? I don’t think so.

The comparison is (according to conventional wisdom) that we should want to beat the best team in order to call ourselves the best. That would be Michigan. They’re #2 to our #1, so I should want to beat them in the NC game.

Thing is, we ALREADY BEAT THEM. So forget it. They don’t get a mulligan. Get ’em out of there and put them in the Rose Bowl. Besides, if you’re a fan of Michigan football under Llllloyd Carr, you can count on two things….1) Losing to Ohio State, and 2) Losing in a bowl game. What the hell do you think is going to happen if you have to do both on the same day? It’s quite possible that a rip in the space-time continuum may be exposed and chaos will ensue.

So rather than comparing, I’m looking at the long-term analysis. The class of 5-year seniors leaving Ohio State this year have defeated some of the best teams in college football.

– They defeated Miami
– They defeated Michigan
– They defeated Notre Dame
– They defeated Texas

The biggest team that they have not yet defeated is USC. So bring them on.

Oh, and another reason I’m cheering for USC…..they are playing fucking Notre Dame. OF COURSE I’m cheering for USC.

–edited because I neglected to recognize LSU’s BCS championship. Tommy Tuberville called me and told me I was ruining college sports by ignoring the SEC. Then he slowly began to weep into the phone. I felt bad, so I changed my post here.–

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