Phil 36 NYG 22

Phil 36 NYG 22

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Phil 36 NYG 22


Accorsi the poet talked about the metaphor of the St. Louis Cardinals World Series win this year for the hope of us somehow getting into the playoffs and being as potent as any other team. That was easier to buy after a win over the pathetically decimated Panthers last week (did you notice how they got annihilated by the Steelers this week.. what did THAT say about our victory?.. on the margin, very little!). But how about this Phil game as a metaphor for our season? The defensive line still not the same w/o Strahan. Not throwing the ball to Shockey in the first half. The myriad mistakes/turnovers. The penalties. The turnovers. The meek play of Manning. Getting FGs instead of TDs in the RED zone. Underachievement. We are 7-7 and that is what we are.. mediocrity. Mediocrity as a metaphor for Coughlin.

This loss was similar to the one vs the Jags. We have a very ordinary and unspectacular defense that will give up points. But we have an offense that can and needs to carry the team through it but does not get it done. Manning is apparently not that guy who sees that need. There is never any urgency from him until the 2 min warning, and by then it is too late. He has 7 turnovers in Q4 this year.. I believe that leads the league.

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