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And that’s ANOTHER Troy Smith tackle for loss!

As Maty Allen would say, “That was a SHALACKING!” Or “Ohio State’s entire team will be in TRACTION today!” Although I’m sure after that performance, hard to know what Maty would say.

I guess the writing might have been on the wall when USC embarrassed Michigan? The same USC that, well, we just didn’t think was all that great this year? The same Michigan that put up 39 fat points at OSU, only to come up short? But my God did Troy Smith look lost or what? Yes, Ted Ginn going out early with the foot injury had something to do with it, and clearly tOSU couldn’t stretch the field without one of the fastest human beings on the planet, but still, I don’t know if he would have made that much of a difference in this one. Florida’s D, just wow. Unbelievable blend of speed and power. But what really blew me away was that defensive front 4. They had Smith on the run all night long! Those D-ends, WOW. That’s big-boy football if I ever saw it. And so, it’s the college world of the Gator with hoops and football titles, and we all just kind of exist.

And, looking in the crystal ball, I guess we should pretty much get used to seeing Florida at the top in football. Have you heard about the kind of recruits Meyer is getting down there? Now how about adding a gaudy NCAA championship ring to all that is going on down there? YA THINK they’ll be hanging around??

So, switching topics, sure looks as though the Doba to DC is official. They hired a defensive line coach from Nevada yesterday, Marty Long, so there’s your extra hire right there. I would think they’ll announce something sooner rather than later.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ve been against the idea since the idea was floated, but what do I know? Don’t get me wrong, I think coach Doba is a strong d-coordinator, but to wear both hats? I hope he’s got the energy and drive to do it. I guess if he didn’t think he had it he wouldn’t do it. But I don’t think we should expect that Doba will sprinkle magic dust and suddenly they become the 1994 or 2003 defense! Doba himself has the quote “it’s not about the blitzes you call, it’s about the blitzers.” In other words? It doesn’t matter who is making the calls, you have to have the personnel to make it work. Everyone says that yeah, the D was great in 2002 when they last went to the Rose Bowl, but they also had 4 guys playing regularly on that defense that went on to the NFL (Trufant, David, Coleman and Long). I don’t know if we have 4 guys that can start in the NFL right now on D! And don’t forget in 2003, Akey was the coordinator and that was a great defense, a defense that led the nation in sacks and takeaways. But do you think that was all about Akey? Or was it all about the talent on the field?? I’ll take the latter.

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