More on the Gators "holding" both titles

More on the Gators "holding" both titles

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More on the Gators "holding" both titles


Call it the Gator Slam. The Florida Gators became the first program to hold football and men’s basketball titles at the same time Monday night with a 41-14 victory over top-ranked Ohio State.

Much like when Tiger Woods held all four golf majors — he didn’t win all of them in the same year, so it was dubbed the “Tiger Slam.” Same case for UF.

Nonetheless, only six Division I schools — including Florida and Ohio State — have won championships in the NCAA’s two marquee sports. But none of those had come closer than eight years apart — until now. The others are Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State and Syracuse.

Key thinking to this is “current holders of the championships;” and of course “thanks for playing.”

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