Quinn Wins Another Award.

Quinn Wins Another Award.

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Quinn Wins Another Award.


Brady Quinn won the 2006 Cingular Player of the Year. Here are some sweet ( sorry, it it too soon after the bowl game to discuss sweeteners?) tidbits about this honor.

* He took in 43% of the voting. The next closest was Troys Myth with 27%.
* Quinn won the weekly award twice this year. Penn State and Michigan State games.
* First ND player to win the award. First player from a school other than Texas to win. First Player to win from the state of Ohio. He is however the 2nd to wear #10 and the 2nd QB. Bummer.
* It was announced during the BCS Title Game. Buckeyes everywhere cursed him. And then sometime in the 3rd quarter they wished Quinn played at OSU.

Congradulations Brady! This just goes to show you that ND dominates… cell phones.

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