The future of The BBC

The future of The BBC

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The future of The BBC


A lot of people want to know what this blog will become now that the season/bowls are over. Well, not a lot of people, but January (my ex-girlfriend) asked me, and that’s good enough for me to post on it.

I will continue on by blogging about Ohio State basketball and the Cleveland Cavaliers. These are two incredible teams who will be fun to spotlight. By the way, did anybody notice that the Cavaliers are leading the Eastern Conference by 1 game??? Hell, yeah.

Also, if I find something worth passing along, I will post it also.

In other words, don’t go away. I won’t.

In recent months, I have found that my readers include the people who run the best Ohio State blogs in the biz. It started with JD Arney from Around The Oval, and has entended to Pfef, PoJo, sportsMonkey, Andy, Eleven Warriors, Penalty Kill….and damn, I could keep going. If I didn’t name you, it’s because there are SO MANY Buckeye bloggers who are incredible, and my memory is shot. Anyway, I’d like you all to know that your writing inspired me to start The BBC, and knowing that my work is appreciated by you keeps me going.

So here I go with my evolution of the BBC…..

Cavs won tonight. They remain a game up on Detroit.
Buckeyes lost to Wisconsin. Nearly took it to OT, but just came up short.

That’s it for now. I’m still hungover from that game Monday night. I need a day more to get back into character.

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