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It's USC's World

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It's USC's World


We just live here. They take what they want and then decide whether or not to blow you into oblivion.

Whatever. USC taking what they want, that will never change. But the funny part? The kid they stole just AMAZINGLY ROSE FROM 2-STAR TO 3-STAR THE MOMENT HE CAST HIS LOT WITH THE EVIL EMPIRE!?!? HUH!?!? Lots of cred there, Fetters and the rest at Scout. What a bunch of….well, you know.

YES, yes, this is sour grapes in every conceviable way. I mean come on, as I said in the AOL side, why rob from the penny-less WSU stable and add to your bench? Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to beat them at hoops – again – and blow past them in the standings!

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