6 Days, 9 Games...some early observations

6 Days, 9 Games...some early observations


6 Days, 9 Games...some early observations


I just realized that–between the 9 games in 6 days due to 4 split squad games, coupled with some slugfests going on–that Mr. Yost already has a sample to evaluate some players…I’ve always maintained that success in spring training is usually irrelevant in predicting success for the upcoming season, but that players that struggle against a disproportionate amount of soon-to-be minor leaguers aren’t on solid footing for the year. So–

    Hot Dawgs:

Geoff Jenkins--Jenks has played in 6 games, and is a frikkin' unbelievable 11-for-19 (2 doubles and 9 singles) for .579...his 9 RBI's lay creedence to the notion that he's a clutch hitter...and, like Agent Mulder, we want to believe he's back.

Johnny Estrada--9-for-16, .563, in 6 games with 10 RBI's...2 doubles and 7 singles.
Ben Hendrickson--his 2.08 ERA offsets the 5 BB's to 2 K's.
Dave Bush--his 6 K's to 2 BB's offsets the 9.00 ERA.
Yovanni Gallardo--everyone is talking about him and his 5.0 IP, 2 Hits, 5 K's...and 0 BB's.

    Cold Brewskis:

Vinny Rotino--the Racine native has seen lots of early playing time with the injury to Prince Fielder...but that ends Thursday, it would seem. Vinny's played in every game possible, and is 5-for-24, .208, with a homer but only 2 RBI's.

Rickie Weeks--only 17 AB's, but just 4 hits...this should improve as he continues to improve from his wrist surgery.
These are those players that have had more playing time than the others…and, even then, it is waaaaaay too early to make any conclusions on the year…stay tuned.
David Hannes
Copyright 2007

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