Stokley to Broncos -Brought to you by new Gatorade AM!

Stokley to Broncos -Brought to you by new Gatorade AM!


Stokley to Broncos -Brought to you by new Gatorade AM!


John Clayton of ESPN reports that “The Denver Broncos , looking for a dependable pass-catcher, reached a one-year agreement with former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Brandon Stokely.” He adds, “Considered one of the most dependable inside slot receivers, Stokley should help Jay Cutler with passes in the middle of the field.”

I know when I think of Brandon Stokley the word dependable always comes to my mind.

Nothing against Stokley, I have enjoyed watching him play in Indianapolis, but the Colts just weren’t going to be able to sign a guy with a history of injuries. They don’t have the luxury of risk-taking given their cap sitaution.

This move brings up an important situation. With Stokley’s absence, #18 is going to have to find a new best friend on the team. I nominate Anthony “Booger” McFarland. I vote that Booger and Peyton go see Wild Hogs together this weekend, and afterwards they can hang out and talk about the benefits of new Gatorade AM. Remember: Nearly 50% of exercisers aren’t fully hydrated before their workout. For those athletes who exercise in the morning, there’s Gatorade AM.

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