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What could be going on with the local sports scene on a Friday at the end of May? Although it is Pittsburgh, and the Buccos are still stinking it up, the local guys are faithfully plugging away. Here’s some notes around the ‘Burgh:

– Big Ben is about to get a raise. Tommy Gun got an extension with more than 1 year left on his contract, should Ben get the same treatment. Alan Faneca and Joey Porter say no. Here’s Yahoo Sports’ take.

– Jim Tracy used the word “deplorable” to describe the Pirates’ clutch hitting. I would have used “ass-clownish,” but that’s just me.

– Not Pittsburgh-related, but congrats to John Smoltz for winning his 200th game. He’s the only guy in history with 200 wins and 150 saves, as well as the only pitcher who opened as season as a starter the year after a 50-save season. The guy is a nut. He was a baseball-card-collector’s favorite back in the day. That day was Bowman ’89.

– Here’s a Penguins’ Q&A with the PG’s Dave Molinari. If he waited a little bit, he could have discussed the Pens signing free-agent defenseman Jonathan D’Aversa. Last year, he was the defense partner of Jordan Staal’s younger brother, Marc. And Staal references are a plus.

Losing to the Redbirds apparently wasn’t enough for the Buccos. Tom Gorzelanny, a lone bright spot, left the game after taking a liner off the thumb.

– The Pensblog gives some predictions for the Cup finals. Best part, “Brett Hull says Red Wings in 3.”

Pirates’ fan Ron Florian. In the flesh. Thanks to Mondesi’s House.

– The Passion (4-0) play (are going to dominate) the Cleveland Fusion tomorrow. Jeff Ogden, former wide receiver for the Ravens and Cowboys, has joined the Passion as Special Teams Coach. As always, stay with PSaMP for stellar Passion breakdown/analysis after the team remains undefeated this weekend.

Read on, Pittsburgh lover…

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