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Friday Night Update

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Friday Night Update


I’m watching the NHL Entry Draft, something I forgot to put in the Primetime Viewing Choices for tonight. But, Versus has not done a good job in promoting the NHL and getting carriage so I simply forgot to list it. Anyway, thank goodness TSN is doing the coverage otherwise listening to Versus’ analysts might be painful.

A few links tonight, then I’ll move to doing the Weekend Viewing Choices.

The Sports Media Blog posted this on Thursday. It’s about how the announcement of a new TV deal with Disney/TNT has been delayed yet again. Overrated NBA Commissioner David Stern kept saying publicly that June 21st was the deadline to announce a deal, but it appears it’ll be unveiled next week.

I’ll give you two links from the 38 Cliches blog which monitors the activities of charlatan Red Sox announcer Glenn Geffner. First, Geffner returns to his old stomping grounds of San Diego this weekend. Nice find by LC linking to a North County Times article by John Maffei which mentions that Goofboy was forced out from the Padres after he himself was forced upon legendary announcers Jerry Coleman and Ted Leitner. And in previewing the weekend series between the Sawx and Friars, LC links to a San Diego Union-Tribune article which quotes our favorite Goof. I just love the fact that Maffei says that Goofner was “jettisoned” from the Padres organization. I don’t have anything to prove this, but I’m beginning to think Geffner muscled his way into the broadcast booth in a similar fashion as how Jay Leno got the Tonight Show from David Letterman.

I forgot to link to this last night. In his blog, Newsday’s Neil Best mentions that former Boston Bruin Mike Milbury is talking to NBC about replacing Brett Hull. Milbury would be a very good choice. He’s worked at ESPN previously.

Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has more on the Big Ten Network-Comcast battle.

And it’s not only Comcast that BTN is having trouble with. The Big Ten Network is also battling Time Warner Cable as Kyle Nagel of the Dayton Daily News tells us.

Jim Carlisle of the Ventury County Times has a news and notes column today and he talks Wimbledon being available online. He also has some raves and rants. One of his raves is listening to baseball on XM Satellite Radio and he enjoys Joe Castiglione and Dave O’Brien of the Red Sox. No mention of Glenn Goofner.

Tom Hoffarth of the LA Daily News reports on ESPN’s “My Wish” series. And he has a story on Shaquille O’Neal’s reality program on getting kids to lose weight.

And Tom Jicha of the Miami Sun-Sentinel wonders why tonight’s Twins-Marlins game was not picked up by FSN/Sun.

Weekend Viewing Choices coming up.

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