All Right! We won stuff that doesn't matter!

All Right! We won stuff that doesn't matter!


All Right! We won stuff that doesn't matter!


If anyone cares to tune into the ESPYs on Sunday night, they can relish in the fact that the boys in blue will be well represented.

The Colts won in several categories including the prestigious ‘Best team’ category. I will now have my tongue surgically removed from my cheek.

In all, our boys won for:
Best Team
Best Coach (Dungy)
Best Championship Performance (#18)

LT won for best male athlete and NFL player over Peyton. The Boise State game won best game, and the return of the SuperDome was the best moment.

I seriously can’t wait until there is game tape to break down and meaningful commentary to add to things. Honestly, guys I apologize for this run of crappy list commentary and opinions about other people’s opinions, but there just isn’t that much going down right now. I’m just about reduced to handicapping the Reds managerial search or do some kind of analysis of Barry Larkin’s Hall of Fame chances. I mean the only even vaguely interesting part of the ESPYs is whether or not Bill Simmons will break his fist pounding the wall (or a railing ala Bail Organa)watching the Colts win best team. I can just see himself mumbling incoherently “We had them! We had them!” I’ve wonder if he became an atheist after that game once it was definitively proved that Tom Brady is not in fact, God.

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