Thursday Mini-Update

Thursday Mini-Update

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Thursday Mini-Update


I’ll give you a few links here.

Jim Williams in his Watch This! blog in the DC/Baltimore Examiner spins things differently from many media writers who keep saying “All Star Game ratings slide.” Williams quotes from MLB’s press release which states that Fox won the night on Tuesday.

And Neil Best has a blog entry on the pull of the All Star Game.

ESPN has announced its lineup for Monday Night Countdown and the other NFL studio shows. One piece of news, Chris Berman and Tom Jackson who had flown to the Monday Night Football sites last year will not do that this season. They’ll be joined by Chris Mortensen, Mike Ditka and new additions Keyshawn Johnson and Bill Parcells in Bristol while Stuart Scott, Steve Young and new addition Emmitt Smith will be at the game site. And ESPN will continue to devote its programming lineup on Monday to the game. You want to talk about overkill, this is it.

The NFL Network comes to an agreement with Everest cable of Kansas City to carry the eight games starting in Week 11.

And Paul McNamara who usually blogs about Information Technology and computer networking went off the beaten path to talk about NESN’s cablecast of the Red Sox-Twins game from 1967 last night. I saw it as well and McNamara describes it better than I could.

Bill Simmons has the latest version of his mailbag for And scroll to the bottom of his latest chat for what should have been at the top. (thanks to Deadspin).

Thanks to The Big Lead, the Chicago Sun-Times has apparently scooped everyone by reporting Dan Patrick’s latest venture (scroll to the middle of the story by Robert Feder), a syndicated radio show for the “Content Factory” run by a guy who used to run the company I used to work for. The story begins with the Amy Jacobsen video story that was referred to here in Fang’s Bites.

Back later.

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