I'm back and feeling refreshed

I'm back and feeling refreshed

zz The Buckeye Battlecry

I'm back and feeling refreshed


I took a long weekend and went with my girlfriend to Cincinnati. Her brother lives there, and since she resides in Utah most of the time, she rarely gets to see him. It was a great time, but I had to make a little stop on the way back.

She “gets it” that I love Ohio State, but I don’t think she understands the depths of it all. So I made her take a little detour from Route 71, and we took a walk around Ohio Stadium. It’ll take her seeing an actual game to understand the magnitude of what it all means, but she’s well on her way. In the meantime, she’s getting down the finer points of what it means to live in Buckeye Nation.

For example, she understands that;
– Woody Hayes = greatest of all time
– Jim Tressel = savior
– John Cooper = embarrassment
– When someone asks you the time you say “It’s (blank) and Michigan still sucks”
– It’s not red, it’s scarlet
– It’s “THE Ohio State University”

As you can see, I’m working on her. She’ll get it. I’m trying to convince her to fly out for the third week of November and come watch the game with me at the Varsity Club or somewhere comparable. The Game is still 117 days away….plenty of time to convince her to come spend The Week with the man in her life.

One additional point to make. You can’t tell from any pictures, but the end zone on the new field…that is the BRIGHTEST shade of scarlet I have ever seen. Simply beautiful!

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