Join 18to88's Fantasy Football Challenge 2007

Join 18to88's Fantasy Football Challenge 2007


Join 18to88's Fantasy Football Challenge 2007


Huge Announcement: We are starting a league on Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football for the 2007 season. Deshawn Zombie and Demond Sanders will duel up to 18 other competitors for the undisputed title of football genius. Also you can win stuff.

Want in? Send an email to and we will give you the league name and password. It is that simple.

Why should you bother?

First place is two tickets to the HISTORIC FINAL REGULAR SEASON GAME at the RCA (Hoosier) Dome on December 30th, 2007 versus the Tennessee Titans. The seats are in Section 343, Row 6, Seats 101 & 102. The rules are simple: you have finish in first place to claim this coveted prize.

Second place will be the best t-shirt money can buy.

Third place will be a signed photo of us at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium during our upcoming road trip in October. In other words: don’t finish in third.

Also, I forgot to mention that there are a couple special rules for our league.

1. You can’t play Jacksonville Jaguars players.
2. You can’t play New England Patriots players.
3. If one of your players is playing against the Colts, you have to sit them that week.

These rules should be self-explanatory. There is never a good reason to root against the blue.

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