Monday Afternoon Update

Monday Afternoon Update

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Monday Afternoon Update


I’ve been keeping track of the Pan American Games online. If you have access to ESPN360, you can watch the coverage from ESPN Deportes. The coverage is in Spanish, but if you don’t understand, you can either turn the volume down or just watch and listen to the announcers who are quite entertaining especially during the obligatory “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!” calls on soccer games. ESPN essentially uses the World Feed and probably has its announcers call the games from their studios in Bristol, CT rather than send them to Rio de Janeiro. To be honest, I have only seen sideline reporters on-site and not the announcers themselves. I know someone from ESPN visits this blog from time to time. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

Taking a look at the NBA Referee Gambling story, CNBC’s Darren Rovell says the media is looking in the wrong place to determine where Tim Donaghy influenced games. Darren says instead of looking at the point spread, the media should be looking at the over-under. Very good point, Darren. And Darren has a link to where you can look.

Neil Best of Newsday is blogging like crazy today. One entry bemoans the fact that ESPN splashed its logo all over its coverage of the Open Championship yesterday. And keeping tabs on the WFAN morning show gig, Best points out that neither Don Imus nor Boomer Esiason will host through the week of August 13.

RCN Cable has signed a content distribution deal with Disney that includes providing ESPN360 and ESPN2 HD.

Do you want a Best of X Games DVD? You can if you want now.

Holden Parrish of says you may not like it or even care, but the over-the-top coverage of David Beckham is here to stay.

Versus has announced its on-air lineup for college football games including Ted Robinson and Rod Thulin who will call the Big 12 and Pac 10 for the channel.

Mike Tankersley of the Montgomery Advertiser has a news and notes column and it includes the number of Braves games increasing on FSN South next season (scroll down).

Those are your links for now.

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