May You Be Silent

May You Be Silent

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May You Be Silent


Not to go on a rant or anything, but…This has got to stop. I making this post as a plea to Irish fans, and SERIOUS college football fans in general. It is simple… No More Mark May. Quit posting about what he said in message boards. Quit talking about him to your friends. Quit e-mailing ESPN about how wrong he is (the websites in his namesake can stay) and why he is the ultimate Douche Bag. This is the ultimate waste of time. Take an economics class or research why “Shock Jocks” are so popular. It’s called- supply and demand. The more you moan and bitch about what some idiot talking head is saying about your team in front of the camera, the more it is going to continue. ESPN has made sure that every program that they have, follows the same formulas as Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn. It’s debate class, and Mark May has hit the jackpot. He has found the largest national fan base and has spit venom in its direction for no REAL reason other than money. He is not going to be fired for making outlandish statements, because everyone is tuning in to watch. We may not be tuning in for his opinion, but we are watching none-the-less. ESPN catches a lot of slack for their programming and their biases, but… what would you do with out them? How many college games would you see each week? I would love to burn them, but I love my MAC games on Wednesday, and my Big East games on Thursday. I do. I love ESPNEWS and ESPNU. I do and I am not going to apologize for loving the greatest gift (College Football) God has given to men since Eve (minus the banishment from Eden thing). So for the love of Christ man, ignore that piece of shit Mark May and let him talk about his lust for all things Pete Carroll. It really doesn’t matter when we start winning championships…. and then he has no purpose. Peace.

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