Time for an Update

Time for an Update

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Time for an Update


Time for the afternoon session of links.

Let’s go to Jim Williams in his Examiner Watch This! blog. Williams says the calls of Barry Bonds’ 756th home run were done respectifully by all involved and the night was capped off by Hank Aaron’s congratulatory video.

Maury Brown in the Biz of Baseball blog points out ESPN’s ratings for Tom Glavine’s 300th win on Sunday night were higher than ESPN2’s ratings for Barry Bonds 755th home run. I’ll point out that the Bonds home run was hit late on Saturday night while Glavine pitched earlier on Sunday evening so this like apples and oranges. No real comparison here.

The Big Lead blog interviewed Neil Best of Newsday about new media vs. old media. This being the age of instant reaction, Best blogs about being blogged about.

CBS Sports wants you to know that this decade has seen a higher average rating for the final round of the PGA Championship than the last decade. You want to know the real reason behind the higher ratings? Two words. Tiger. Woods.

ESPN talks about the relaunch of ESPN360.com and its new strategy with more live events. The Baltimore Business Journal reports ESPN will use the Arbitron Portable People Meter on five of its radio stations to track audience habits.

If you like watching sports in HD (who doesn’t?), then you’ll like the news from the TV Predictions website which says NBC will have two devoted HD channels for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

That’s it for now. I’ll have the Primetime and Late Night Viewing Picks coming up. If an update is warranted tonight, I’ll be sure to be back.

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