It's Tuesday or Day 2 of the D & C Lockout

It's Tuesday or Day 2 of the D & C Lockout

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It's Tuesday or Day 2 of the D & C Lockout


I turned on WEEI this morning to see if the contract dispute between the radio station and morning show hosts Dennis & Callahan had been settled and in D & C’s place were John Rooke and Larry Johnson. I’ve worked with Rooke and he’s good as usual. There’s a reason why Larry is usually on the weekends. Anyway, there’s apparently no end to this in sight and if this continues, parent company Entercom will be looking for a new morning show to anchor the sports radio station.

As usual, Bruce Allen and David Scott are keeping track of the story at Boston Sports Media Watch. Scott says advertisers are wary of paying for a show that doesn’t include D & C. And Jessica Heslam of the Boston Herald continues the advertiser theme. Heslam does get a quote from her collegue, Callahan. We’ll continue to monitor the story.

Over to the 38Cliches blog which continues to press the issue of Glenn Geffner, a Red Sox corporate officer, doing the games on the radio. This is something that is not going to go away. Geffner broadcast last night’s game on radio and again, was a conflict of interest. If he’s a corporate officer, there’s no way he should be broadcasting games. It would be like having Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino himself working on NESN or WRKO. With Joe Castiglione and Dave O’Brien, you know you have a modicum of objectivity. Geffner is not only a bad broadcaster, but he’s also spouting the company line. The Red Sox should resolve this now.

Richard Sandomir of the New York Times notes that Fox’ Joe Buck called his last baseball game for the network this season until the playoffs. With a 26 game schedule, Buck will have called 8 overall. And he’s supposed to be the #1 announcer? If he’s only going to work less than half the season, isn’t it time for Fox to find someone else to work on the #1 team with Tim McCarver?

Neil Best of Newsday talks with Dan Patrick who’s doing his last shows for ESPN Radio this week. And in his blog, Best expands on some stuff from his Patrick interview that didn’t make it into his column.

Eric Lacy of the Detroit News says even though the Big Ten Conference doesn’t have hockey as a sport, the Big Ten Network will televise games involving member schools. George M. Thomas from the Akron Beacon Journal says time is running out for BTN to gain carriage on cable.

Tim Tucker in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says ratings for Braves games on Sports South, FSN South and TBS are up.

The Boston Globe has an editorial criticizing the NFL’s policy on limiting video on the web.

Phil Swann in the TV Predictions website says DirecTV will carry 180 NFL games in HD.

That’s it for now.

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