Semi-insane superstitions, anyone?

Semi-insane superstitions, anyone?

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Semi-insane superstitions, anyone?


Rick at Halftime Adjustments and I were talking today, when we shared stories from 2002. It got us thinking, and we decided to run with it…..

Here’s my story. I want to hear yours too, and we’re going to compile a little list….so be as detailed as you like.

I’m superstitious about my sports teams, especially Ohio State. If they’re winning, I’ll wear the same jersey again and again (yes, I wash it…shut up). But my most intense day of superstition came on November 23, 2002.

Ohio State was 12-0 and playing Michigan at home. A win gets them into the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl for a shot at the National Championship. I’m watching the game alone at home (because we won every time my wife left the house for an Ohio State-Michigan game, and we lost every time she stayed….so out she went for the day).

I had bought two bags of Tostitos chips, and sat on the couch to watch the game. After EVERY play, I would get up from my seat, walk around the house, and return to the couch. Once I sat down, I would eat one chip. Even better, my ass had to be in the exact same spot as it was the play before. Dammit, these guys were going to win, and I was going to help get them there. How could i live with myself if I broke rank and the Buckeyes lost?

Ohio State won 14-9, and went on to win the National Championship over Miami 31-24 in double OT. Can you argue with those results?

Give me your superstitions…what do you do for your team to assure victory?

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