Thursday's Update

Thursday's Update

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Thursday's Update


Let’s give you a few links this afternoon.

First, Neil Best of Newsday lets us know that the Watchdog blog got a redesign. And Neil has the press release from Sports Illustrated about Dan Patrick joining the SI team.

The Ventura County Star’s Jim Carlisle blogs that the Anaheim Angels have changed their flagship radio station.

Emiliana Sandoval of the Detroit Free Press gives Detroit residents a few sports bars that have the Big Ten Network. In addition, the Ohio State-Michigan game will air on ABC on November 17 and not the Big Ten Network.

John Ryan of the San Jose Mercury News blogs that the banning of Jimmy Kimmel from Monday Night Football shows that ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser has a thin skin.

ESPN is partnering with Kellogg’s cereals to form a sports website for kids.

Wayne Friedman of TV Watch says NFL Week 6 saw record high TV ratings and record low TV ratings.

Tom Feran of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes that the American League Championship Series’ TV ratings are outpacing last year’s.

Sports Illustrated’s John Donovan isn’t in favor of TV controlling the start times of the MLB postseason games.

Two press releases from ESPN. First is on the features that will run on Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown. And the second is on a new afternoon drive time show that will premiere on ESPN Radio next week.

That will do us for now. I might have an update later tonight so keep it here.

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