Evolving links

Evolving links


Evolving links


Today’s list of links will morph as they day goes along, but I thought I’d start with Kravitz’s piece in the Star today. If he keeps making me laugh out loud, I’ll have to take him off our list of people we don’t like. I think he and Prisco have swapped places. Seriously, it was a good and funny effort by him today. I’ll add to this post as stuff comes along today.

  • TMQ deals heavily with the Sunday Ticket issue, but also deals with the Colts/Pats game some as well.
  • Prisco moves the Colts back ahead of the Pats. . . Petey I take it all back!
  • Pat Kirwan says we are looking at mirror images.
  • CHFF says it’s a Colts/Pats world and the rest of us are just living in it.
  • Michael Silver isn’t sold on Randy Moss the person. Seriously, how does this season do anything but show what a gutless loser this guy is? I think his amazing numbers should exclude him from the Hall of Fame because it means he quit on his previous teams. Don’t give that bull about, “Well now he is in a winning environment with competent people! It’s ok that he was a lazy quitter; his team stank!” If he was a competent winner, he would have pushed the Raiders to be better. He has no pride and no self respect. He’s a quitter who gave up on his previous team. I give him no credit for playing well. If he wants respect, he should apologize fully to the Raiders for giving up on his teammates the past two seasons. Last year’s team had a great D, they might have been able to challenge for some more wins if he had given a crap. He sold out his coach, his teammates and his fans.
  • The computers can’t agree. AccuScore loves the Pats 31-27. WhatifSports.com likes the Colts 30-27. I think the idea is…it’s gonna be a great game.
  • The DVOA rankings are up. Basically, the Colts and Pats have the best teams in recorded history (which only goes back to 1996). It’s not just a clash of the titans, it’s a clash of the holy-frick-these-teams-are-impossibly-good titans.

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