Not heeding good advice

Not heeding good advice


Not heeding good advice


One should never answer a fool according to his folly, but I’ll give it a try anyway. Some moron named Rich tried to argue that the Colts did what the Pats did. Here are his comments:

Demond – you may want to prescribe a bit of valium for your buddy Paul. Up the dose come 7:00pm ET this Sunday.Couple of questions for you lunatic, raving hypocrites:- following Peyton’s 6th TD to “finally” put the game out of reach against the Saints in 2003, 48-13, sounds like you and Paul advocate that Dwight Freeney should’ve ran the other way after recovering an Aaron Brooks fumble and rambled for 19 yards to “lock it up”, 55-13.

Am I correct?- later that year, in the WC, the Colts finally won a playoff game beating the Broncos 41-10. You may recall, but probably not, #18 trying to pass to #88 for a TD on the Broncos 9 yard line when they were up slightly 38-3. But b/c it was incomplete and the Colts settled for 3 that’s not running it up is it?-

or maybe earlier this year, Peyton airing it out for 45 yards to go up 24 points on a hapless Saints team. No big deal right, but Matt Giordano running back an INT 80 yards to cap a 41-10 squeaker. Now that’s just plain mean and piling it on by Ron Meeks calling that play – under your definition – you’ll have to agree that’s running it up I suppose?No one like a hypocrite gentlemen. No one likes a hypocrite.

My response:

Rich, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT DEFENSIVE SCORES. I, nor anyone I’ve ever heard of, begrudges defenders running scores back. Nobody cares that the Pats ran the fumble back for a score, that has nothing at all to do with the discussion. Can you not even follow what people are talking about? Geeze, compare apples to apples, smart guy. I’m not sure I have a big problem with Cassel throwing either. He needs game work just in case.

You bring up three games. . .

1. Colts/Saints in ’03. Manning didn’t play the 4th quarter.


3. The Saints game this year. The score, was 27-10 with more than 10 minutes to play. 17 points and 10 minutes is not the same as 38. How is that remotely similar? 17 points against a good offensive team isn’t that much, but then again we actually have a qb who’s won games with touchdown drives, so we know that. (did ya’ know Brady’s never done that?).

Brady should not have thrown a pass in the fourth quarter of that game. That’s been the standard for years. For three quarters, anything is fair game. The fourth quarter is different. The funny thing is, it’s not just bad sportsmanship, IT’S FREAKING STUPID. One of these days, Brady’s going to get popped for doing that, and you’ll all be crying that your coach is a psycho. So next time you call some one a hypocrite, get the facts right or at least understand the points of the discussion.

Demond Sanders: I just wrote a nearly identical response in the comments section. Pretty weak effort by Rich, but thanks for reading.

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