Random Musings of October baseball news

Random Musings of October baseball news


Random Musings of October baseball news


I have lots of random tidbits on my mind built up from the past couple weeks…so here goes:

  • Congrats to the Rockies…nice to see a true underdog make their first World Series appearance ever
  • But…man, what a disappointing showing for the Rox…is the NL that far behind the AL still?
  • I hated to see Dustin Pedroia do so well in the Series…I have in on my fantasy team, and want to keep Kelly Johnson instead
  • But I have Jeff Francis on the cheap, too
  • Congrats to Joe Girardi…nice to see a talented guy get his dream job
  • Pox on the Steinbrenner clan…how could you dis Joe Torre like that?
  • Speaking of Joe…I’d like to see him get the Dodgers’ job…but it sucks that they can their current skipper just because Torre is available
  • ARod is AJerk…voiding his contract…plus it gives both the Yankees and Rangers mucho dinero to add pitchers
  • Congrats to Prince on his awards to date
  • I wish the Arizona Fall League was televised, don’t you?
  • Of the pitchers out there, I wonder if Doug Melvin might gamble on Greg Maddux…if only to re-unite him with his brother?  Part of me hopes so
  • I also would like to see the Brewers look at Kerry Wood, perhaps as a closer (yes, I have him on my fantasy team, too)
  • Nice to see Edgar Renteria out of the NL…and the Tigers improve


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