Sayonara, Senior Colclough

Sayonara, Senior Colclough


Sayonara, Senior Colclough


Oh snap, they’re at it again. I thought these two were outta my mind forever. I was wrong.

Come to think of it, this is like a mirror image of that Taylor pic.

Ricardo Colclough, the man-meat in that hottie sandwich, is no longer a Steeler. Sucks.

I’m pretty bummed that the best punt-fumbling, third string CB will no longer put on the Black and Gold.


Side Note: has already updated the depth chart to show Anthony Madison, the Colclough-replacement signee in the third string spot. Colclough was really pushed out the door. I’ve been a Madison supporter while he was in training camp with the Steelers, and hopefully he can solidify the Special Teams coverage unit. Come to think of it, we should just sign Chidi. Its usually around this point in the season when he makes an appearance on the Pittsburgh sidelines.

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