Wolves Updates 10/30

Wolves Updates 10/30

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Wolves Updates 10/30


Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune on Randy Foye’s tendinitis
"We are concerned, very concerned, I’m not going to lie to you," Wolves coach Randy Wittman said
after an intense practice that lasted nearly three hours. "Him coming
in today and not being able to do anything? That was a little bit of a
shock. I have the concern of, how ready will he be?"
This has been an issue since Foye originally hurt his knee falling to
the floor during summer league in Las Vegas. Foye played extensively in
the Wolves’ first preseason game, then only seven minutes against
Boston. He returned to practice days before the preseason finale, then
played 16 minutes in that game, a victory over Milwaukee. Foye took
part in Sunday’s scrimmage at Target Center but fell awkwardly on the
Foye had more tests done on the knee Monday, and the results should be available today.

A woman paid $550 for a date with Vikings director of community relations Brad Madson at an auction the other day to benefit the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Madson will take his date to a Vikings game.
Meanwhile, another woman bid nearly $1,000 for a date with Mark Madsen of the Timberwolves. She’s bringing a friend; Madsen will take them to a Wolves game (front-row seats), then dinner.
But McHale doesn’t sound ready to leave.
"There’s no resignation to accept," McHale said.
"I’ve never had a contract. If I don’t want to come in tomorrow, I
won’t come in. We’ve always had a handshake deal. That’s the way it’s
Rick Kamla/NBA.com looks at the team from a fantasy perspective.  

I’m a big, big fan of KG. That’s a HUGE loss for them, first and
foremost, but in the same breath, I’m happy for KG that he gets a
chance to win now. I mean, gimme a break: He did everything he could
for that team every year, and it wasn’t enough. He’s a big loss for
them, but they got a ton of young talent now. Randy Foye, I like him a
lot. Al Jefferson’s gonna be a stud. I like Sebastian; he’s quick and
has got all those moves…
Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune predicts the team will finish 13th in the West. Zgoda also picks Al Jefferson to pick up the Most Improved Player award. On the team’s record this season, Zgoda writes:
A 29-53 record will have Timberwolves followers talking about next
season, the May draft lottery and college point guards such as O.J.
Mayo and Derrick Rose.
The Cleveland Cavaliers are exploring
the possibility of signing 13-year veteran Juwan Howard to improve
their depth before Wednesday’s season opener against the Dallas

"I still think it’s second to the West," Buckner said. "Until they
prove they can do on a consistent basis, the West still is the cream of
the crop. Whoever comes out of the West will be hands down the favorite
to win the championship. That’s just how I feel. I’ve been in the West
a long time and I’ve seen it. Since Michael left the Bulls, the East
hasn’t been the same."

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