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Colts Falcons live game blog


Colts Falcons live game blog


Ok, guys, I’m caving. I debated whether or not to blog the game tonight. But I’m going to start for a little while. Chris Collinsworth is an idiot and might drive me to drink before the end of the night. Demond won’t be around to help me. He’s caught in the grips of the NFL Network controversy. He’s visiting family in NW Indiana and is probably caught in some dive trying to convince some bartender named Big Joe to let him watch the game. Or he’s at Hooters. I’m going to blog a quarter or so and see how my energy holds up. Turkey make Zombie sleepy.


  • They miked up the Zombie. I’m pretty sure I heard him say, “Mmmmm, brains.”
  • Collinsworth says, “Dungy has been a defensive minded coach all his life.” Other than that little thing about playing QB at Minnesota.
  • As a general rule of thumb, it’s nearly impossible to stop a team when they go for 4th downs. It’s distressing, but also predictable to see the draw plays be so effective. The Colts had this area pretty well fixed early in the season, but it’s still the best option when it comes to running against Indy.
  • Early on this game reminds me of the Carolina game. Joey Harrington is saving us by being his usual crappy self. Great pressure ends the drive with a field goal try. It’s nice to see Rice chasing Harrington down.
  • Crap scares everyone, but it appears the whistle saved us. Let’s face it folks, he’s a bit scary. Geeze, I just used scare twice in two sentences. I’m not exactly lighting it up thesaurus-wise.
  • Hey, nice job O line. The Charlie Johnson nightmare tour continues. Meanwhile, Collinsworth says, “The Colts try to run this play without a tight end in to block leading to the sack” He apparently misses Dallas Clark whiff on the blitzing linebacker. This line is an embarrassment. Manning is going to get killed before it’s all over.
  • A stupid penalty gives the Falcons a touchdown. This team is 100% out of sorts right now. Hughes gets beat deep as he plays up tight in man coverage.
  • Addai stays down after a first down run. Just kill me now. I notice that Peyton ignored Keith coming out of the backfield on 3rd down. He has no confidence in his ability to catch a 3rd down throw.
  • Only a safety can keep the wheels from completely spinning off right now.
  • Ok, so no safety but a nice stand. We actually gained yardage on the exchange of possessions. We can only hope that Joe Addai is ok.
  • HEY! Was that Aaron Moorehead out there catching? No? Oh wow.


  • Wow. The Fletcher sabotages a TD and then drops a pass. Nice series man.
  • Seriously great play by Manning as the line gives him time to throw down field. That was a huge score. Terrific throw with time for Wayne to get open.
  • How can guys who have contain continue to overpursue? There was no reason for that to be a big return. The penalties and stupid mistakes are piling up.
  • The D is under serious pressure now. Holding them to FG is a win in this situation. Don’t think that’s going to happen. White is killing us.
  • Great play by Keiaho to cover the slot receiver and then kick away a pass. There’s the FG, which isn’t bad considering where the drive started.
  • I like the decision to come out running (and not just because I have Keith in fantasy). I think it’s the best (only?) way to keep the pressure off #18. I think they ought to go for this 4th down.
  • Nope a punt. Loser football. This game is over. OOOOOH a roughing call might just save us. Still, you can’t punt there. ATL already showed they were the aggressor. You have to match it.
  • Wow, a Thanksgiving miracle. A penalty to save the drive AND Kid Joe comes back. Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is razor thin.
  • Bad throw by Petyon on 2nd down. On a huge 3rd down play, AG proves again how much we missed him.
  • How do we possibly have the lead? Again, they have played terrible in spots and still have points on the board. The Colts have clearly found something on those passes to the TE over the middle. Clark runs the same pattern that Utecht had successfully executed earlier in the drive.
  • The D really has to be on that draw play. It’s killing us all night.
  • BETHEA LIGHTS UP ROBINSON! What a sick hit. Hilarious hold on the return.
  • Um, does anyone think we missed AG a little?
  • Manning is KILLING the Falcons. Wow, somebody flipped a switch on this club. From the minute that penalty was called, this game took a major turn. That was a great catch by Utecht.
  • Mathis blows up the play, and Simeon Rice collects a sack. Um, Collinsworth, if the Falcons WERE comfortable with where they were, they aren’t now. They are down 8 and the Colts get back to back possessions. This could get ugly real quick.
  • Instead the line gets ugly real quick.

Family crap (God bless the holidays) has made it so I can’t really finish blogging this game. Hopefully the second half goes well. Good night everyone.

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