If a Falcon falls in a forest...

If a Falcon falls in a forest...


If a Falcon falls in a forest...


Is it weird to anyone else that there is so little postgame coverage of last night’s Thanksgiving tilt? I mean, honestly, other than a Len Pasquarelli piece, and the normal Indystar stuff, it’s like this game never happened. Most of the country didn’t see it (although it turns out that Demond did get to watch it because his wife’s grandparents have a dish), and since the outcome was more or less expected, there just isn’t much to say about it. I did pick up a couple of things from around the web.

Si’s Jim Trotter misses the point about Randy Moss, Jason Whitlock doesn’t. Moss is the MVP. This ought to be one of the most inarguable facts of the season. Trotter says last season taints this one, and he’s almost right. It taints his career. It taints his HoF candidacy. This season, however, is a self-contained unit. I don’t care how big a dog Moss was in Oakland, he’s the MVP right now. I wouldn’t vote for him for the hall based on his on the field actions the last couple of years (though no one can deny he is the single most unstoppable weapon in NFL history), but the only thing to be considered for an MVP award is this year. This year, he’s the best.

And finally, Peyton goes shopping.

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