Thank God For Jarkko

Thank God For Jarkko


Thank God For Jarkko


(You’ve probably seen this picture before. But honestly, why not use it?)

Jarkko Ruutu just saved the season.

No joke…Jarkko Ruutu…saved the season.

Sure, you probably had many questions when Jarkko appeared in the shootout. “Why is he in?” “Is he going to use the same move?” “Does he even try?” “What the shit?”

All these are legitimate questions, but Jarkko shut you up. Big time.

For one night, last year’s playoff loss to the Sens was a distant memory. The Pens rallied from a huge 3rd period deficit against arguably the best team in the entire NHL. We got 2 points when we should’ve got none. Without Jarkko, there’s no 6-5 shootout victory.

The Sens have 30+ points so far this season. Even with the win, the Pens are sub-20. Turning point of the season? Can’t really say. However, its always easy to ride the adrenaline high when dudes like Jarkko or Georges Laraque win the game for you.

Thank you so much Jarkko. You’ve healed Penguins Nation. At least for one night.

Here’s the moment…


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