Do I admit to being an idiot?

Do I admit to being an idiot?


Do I admit to being an idiot?


So let me give you some context for my dilemma. Tuesday night I’m heading out of town with my wife for a getaway. Demond calls and pulls the whole depressed voice, “guess who’s out for the year” bit. He tells me Roosevelt Colvin is out. I have internet access for about 5 minutes the next day, and throw up a comment on his post. Some how, between the joy of being away from the kids for a night and limited connectivity, I crossed wires in my brain. Something in me became convinced that Richard Seymour was out. Today, I come back and note my mistake with horror. So now that I’ve already posted about how Colvin and Freeney do the same job for their teams (which they clearly don’t), do I admit my mistake and expose myself as a moron, or do I just let it go and hope no one notices.

Obviously, I chose to fess up. I’m an idiot. The substance of what I said is still sort of true, but not nearly as true as it would have been had it been Seymour who was hurt. So anyway, that’s my boring confession of the day.

Bob M. pointed out that Phil B is saying what we’ve suspected for some time. Marvin might not be back until January. I don’t think any of us are really shocked by that. If he really might be done, the team would have IRed him. Other than that, I’ll believe he’s coming back when I actually see him line up.

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