NFL Network crushes access to DAL vs GB

NFL Network crushes access to DAL vs GB

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NFL Network crushes access to DAL vs GB


Milking the theme of “exposed,” we now get to say that Thurs night’s Dal-GB game on the NFL Network will expose the NFL’s greed. Nothing like a blacked out blockbuster to put the spotlight this time on the league’s attempt to get every cable subscriber to pony up 70 cents per month to pay for the owners’ and players’ coffers. The debate about the structure of cable fees (where some stations are premium and others are part of the basic subscription) is fascinating. I am no fan of the cable companies and their monopolistic power, because they will raise cable rates whether NFLN is successful in getting into the basic subscription package or not. But the bottom line is that NFLN has an extremely narrow interest, so saddling zillions of homes with this cost is ridiculous.

For the most part, every game on NFLN has been sleepy enough that the diehard football fans like us have not minded missing out. That will change on Friday morning if this game lives up to its hype. I for one think the Cowboys will wipe the floor with the Packers, but if the Packers make it a game to remember, the pressure for a settlement will rise. If the game is a dud, it will merely mark more time while the NFL figures out how they must capitulate and bring their demands down. Root for the Cowboy blowout. Root for NFLN to implode. Root for exposing NFL greed.

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