Things to Read on Thursday Morn'

Things to Read on Thursday Morn'

Barry Melrose Rocks

Things to Read on Thursday Morn'


Shameless self promotion:

Dining Out With Doc and Chico (FanHouse)

What the Maple Leafs Need Is a Time Machine (FanHouse)

Damn good posts:

That’s right the Islanders BEAT the Senators last night. The FIRST PLACE Ottawa Senators. The Islanders got two points for BEATING the Senators. Rick DiPietro had an amazing performance to help the New York DEFEAT Ottawa. But don’t worry Sens Nation, it’s just a little airborne. It’s still good! (Scarlett Ice)

The Pens Blog never ceases to amaze. Geocities, Angelfire and Tripod….Oh My. Read the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed.

Conflicting reports about the Bettman XM radio show. We can neither confirm nor deny these reports. (Jes Golbez, FanHouse)

Tuomo Ruttu is a robber not. (Going Five Hole)

The Flyers really want their players in the All-Star game. (NHL Digest)

Continue piling on the TML. The Globe and Mail says that the sky is falling. Global warming is still a fallacy, pending further review.

Sean Avery is limp-wristed. But in a total heterosexual way. Seriously. (Way Offside)

I know that’s a lot of reading, but I think you can handle it. And hey, there’s a lot going on in hockey right now. It’s pretty awesome, don’t you think? Think back for a second to August and remember how much that sucked. Case and point. Isn’t this beautiful?

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The NFL was able to provide plenty of action again in the second week of action. From the Patriots losing by 5 points to the thrilling game (…)

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