Ravens recap-18 Plays

Ravens recap-18 Plays


Ravens recap-18 Plays


Thanks for all of your prayers and kind words. We are all sad today, but the joyful kind of sad that comes from the end of something special. Both the family and my grandfather were prepared for this day, though we still find ourselves wishing it hadn’t had to arrive.

Demond and I hooked up to do 18 Plays this week anyway, because frankly, blogging about football is therapeutic and often way easier than dealing with life. I think we gave you all a much better, or at least much shorter, effort than last week. So, for your weekly dose of good analysis and a hearty mocking of the losers, check out 18 Plays. Remember, you can subscribe via Itunes or download the episode directly from the site.

Finally, thanks to all of you for knocking our hit counter on the blog over 40,000 for the year. I realize that a third of those are my own, and another third belong to bored Pats fans, but it’s pretty cool anyway. Thanks for reading and being a part of things.

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