Happy Birthday Hannah/Sheena

Happy Birthday Hannah/Sheena


Happy Birthday Hannah/Sheena


Happy Birthday Sheena/Hannah.

Those of you who have been with PSaMP for awhile surely know my sister, Hannah. She goes by Sheena Beaston, the name you’d be more likely to recognize her with on PSaMP.

That video was on acid.

Here’s a bunch of Sheena’s contributions to PSaMP:

National Scoop 2
Rio de McCoy
National Scoop 1
MPotD 9-19-07
Halfie Birthday Extravaganza
Updated PSaMP Logo
Circular Weed?

And one final order of business…that’s a MMCNY-inspired piece of artwork done by Sheen as the current logo. Its not permanent, but I decided to keep it up for Sheena’s birthday.

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