Time for Some Thursday Links

Time for Some Thursday Links

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Time for Some Thursday Links


It’s cold in New England, just 10 degrees when I left my house this morning. It’s cold. And please don’t e-mail me from a warm climate giving me your temps today. I don’t want to hear it.

I’m letting you know ahead of time that the Friday megalinks will be late tomorrow as I’ll be at a job site for much of the day.

Starting with the lovely Joanne C. Gerstner of the Detroit News, she writes about a local basketball star who is the first Paralympian to star in his own Nike TV commercial.

Jim Williams of the DC/Baltimore Examiner has a bunch of news and notes in his Watch This! blog including an item about former Redskins RB John Riggins doing some analysis on the BCS for Fox and XM Satellite Radio.

The Sports Media Watch blog says the New Year’s Day bowls except for the Capital One Bowl took a hit in the ratings.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell says it’s unfair that college athletes can’t profit from the sale of their jerseys.

The Press-Register in Alabama reports that there’s been a change in announcing teams for the GMAC Bowl on ESPN.

Jeffrey Flanagan of the Kansas City Star reports that a local TV station appears to have found a successor to Len Dawson when he decides to step down as sports director.

Ryan White of The Oregonian says ESPN has now turned on the BCS.

NFL Network President and CEO Steve Bornstein writes an editorial for the Kennebec (ME) Journal Morning Sentinel of all papers, about putting his channel on the major cable providers. Why not the Wall Street Journal? The New York Times? The Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel? I’m not dissing the Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel, but that’s a strange place for it.

Karen Price of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says the ratings for the NHL Winter Classic were very good for NBC.

William Houston of the Toronto Globe and Mail talks about the good ratings for the NHL outdoor game.

John Ryan from the San Jose Mercury News is back from vacation and makes an error about the overnight ratings for the NHL Winter Classic. It was a 2.6, not 2.3 as he writes.

I’m linking to Dan O’Neill’s column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch only to point out that he made a mistake mentioning that the Cotton Bowl was on CBS. It was on Fox. Some people call themselves journalists and don’t bother to check their stories out of laziness. And editors allow things like this to go out.

Dan Patrick’s radio show is being picked up by XM Satellite Radio. And Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball blog has news on the story as well.

That will do it for now.

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