End The Curse. Now

End The Curse. Now


End The Curse. Now


I’ve never really liked the Lightning. I don’t know if its Tortorella, Lecavalier, St. Louis, the fact that they play in Florida or the fact that I wanted Calgary to win the Cup in ’04. I’d be more content seeing the Lightning lose. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, especially when the Penguins are the opponent. The P-G’s Dave Molinari gives us the nasty details:

[The Penguins] are 1-12-1 in their past 14 games here, and have lost 12 overall in a row (three in overtime or shootouts) to the Lightning the past three seasons.


However, tonight’s game might help us break the streak. I mean, we’ve won 8 of the last 9 and 16 of the last 21. Tampa Bay has only won 16 games…all season.

Despite the records, I’m going to do my best to jinx Tampa Bay. My jinxing powers unfortunately worked against MAF and the Steelers. The best I can do is try to destroy an opponent for once. Here we go. Remember, these aren’t my true feelings, jerks.

Vinny Lecavalier rules, and I hope he scores 15 goals tonight.

Marty St. Louis is so tall and cool.

I hope Tampa Bay wins.

We should score no goals tonight.

I hope Sid and Geno don’t show up.

We should probably leave the net empty all night.

Who needs two points?

Jinx set. You’re totally going down, Tampa Bay.

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