I got nothin’

I got nothin’


I got nothin’


I’ve got nothing today. Really, I thought about this long and hard, but…nothing.

Here are the only things on my mind right now:

  • The biggest influence on my life as a sports’ fan, and quite possibly as a writer, turns 54 today. Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • Mikko Koivu might return to play today. He thinks he’s ready, and coach Jacque Lemaire thinks he’s ready. But, as of yet, there’s no room on the roster. I want to say Mikko Koivu randomly!

  • Marian Gaborik and Lemaire aren’t getting along. My take is that it’s a personality conflict. As I would like both to stay in Minnesota, they need to learn to get along.
  • The Twins have done nothing about Santana yet. No trades, no contract signing. In fact, other than the Mets being readdressed, there’s not much changed since November. (Speaking of: Mr. Smith, I’d like to mention the second worst possible time to announce a trade would be the day before TwinsFest. The worst time would be during TwinsFest. The best move would be to sign him to a new contract just before or early in TwinsFest. Please keep this in mind.)
  • The Swarm start their season on Saturday night against the Toronto Rock. I hope that’s their team name, and not actually a rock that’s being sent from Canada. As Michael Kilby has been traded to another team, I think Nick Inch might be my new favorite player. Stay tuned for updates. Also, the Swarm did not do pirouettes across the field during the Swarm Open House/Practice last Friday. Rachel and I were disappointed.
  • I had seven–SEVEN!–orange Sweet Tarts in the fun size packet I ate this morning.
  • Congrats to Ryan on winning the Victoria Times Bowl contest. I couldn’t compete based on the fact of not being able to name more than two bowl games (the Rose Bowl and the… um…Super Bowl? Oh, the Orange Bowl!), and having no idea what teams were playing in any bowl game.

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