Offseason gameplan for Total Titans

Offseason gameplan for Total Titans


Offseason gameplan for Total Titans


If you like roller coaster rides, then I’m sure you enjoyed the Titans’ 2007 season. The season may now be over for the Titans, but our team here at Total Titans plans to keep going full speed ahead.
As readers, you’ve been responsible for making Total Titans one of the best sites on Most Valuable Network [] and we’re grateful for that. One way we can try to show you our appreciation is by filling you in on our plans so you will know what to expect in the coming months.
First, we’ve posted something new on the site for 35 days in a row and we don’t intend to slow down. You deserve to have fresh content posted here every day and we’ll try our best to continue doing that.
Tom is planning on studying a lot of game tapes and will be writing about what he observes. Right now, he’s working on something about the Titans who are under contract for this coming year and beyond, along with their salary cap implications. He’s also working on something about the Titans who will be free agents this year.
Drexel plans on concentrating on free agency and the draft. I’m sure he’ll do his usual fine job and have some great stuff.
I’ll be doing positional analyses, as I do several times a year. And of course, we’ll all be commenting on various newsworthy topics.
Obviously, there will be some unavoidable overlapping of subjects. For example, all three of us will probably have something to write about Albert Haynesworth, among others, in what we’re doing.
Shoot us an email if there’s anything you’d like for us to write about. You can click the “Info” links below our names in the authors box at the top of the right sidebar to get our email addresses. Feel free to email us individually or collectively.
Thanks for your continued support from all of us at Total Titans. We’re looking forward to a great 2008!

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