The Amazing Race Asia 2 - Ep. 7 Recap

The Amazing Race Asia 2 - Ep. 7 Recap

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The Amazing Race Asia 2 - Ep. 7 Recap


As we did with the Amazing Race 12 recap, we return with a new Amazing Race Asia recap, fresh off our full-fledged endorsement from Executive Producer Michael McKay. So without further delay, we go into the recap.

We know from the previous episode that Daichi & Sawaka were eliminated after failing to catch up to the Dancing Moms and not yielding them when they had the chance and Terri & Henry for some strange reason yielded Bald Fuck and Crackhead. So six teams still remain as we go into this recap.

Continuing our policy of not mentioning the Arrogant Assholes by name nor putting their pictures into the recaps, we start off in Busan, South Korea and one of the leading Buddhist temples where we begin this leg of the race.

The Jerkoffs who were the first to arrive at 10:30 p.m. will leave the Pit Start at 10:30 a.m. They get instructions to drive to Seoil, a soybean farm in Anseong, South Korea. This is some 80 km south of Seoul. It is at this farm where teams will find their next clue.

Bald Fuck says it’s always scary to be in the first position because he has no idea whether he’s doing the right thing or there is not another team to pass to validate what they’re doing. This is why the Arrogant Assholes are going down because they’re concerned with others. In comparison, the Beauty Queens didn’t worry about what others were doing and just raced. Bald Fuck and Crackhead are worried if they’re doing the right thing. Just race and you’ll be fine. However, they find a cop and ask for directions to Anseong.

Adrian & Collin leave minutes behind and Adrian says finishing first or second doesn’t matter, but they want to do well. This is the right attitude to have. Don’t worry what the others are doing.

Unfortunately, the police decide to escort the lead team to the farm and it’s obvious that these officers were either paid off or are just plain corrupt. In any event, Bald Fuck and Crackhead get what is essentially a free ride to Anseong.

Terri & Henry leave in third. In the last episode, this team got along well and did a minimum of arguing. But will they maintain the good feelings in this leg? We shall see.

In the meantime, the Arrogant Assholes are following their police escort, but close behind are Adrian & Collin. However, unaware that the Inane Idiots are being escorted to the next destination, Adrian says he will closely at the directions when they hit the highway.

Fourth to depart are sisters Vanessa & Pamela. This team has had its ups and downs and this leg will be down for them, but overall, they have raced well and managed to stay close to the leaders. Vanessa has to get used to driving, US-style and being on the right hand side of the road. This will come into play for the teams in this episode.

The teams that are on the road all comment on how different the driving is, foreshadowing perhaps. And all of the signs are in Korean so just as the American racers had to deal with the Japanese street signs, the Asian racers will have some difficulty here today. I would have liked to have seen how Andrew & Syeon from the 1st season would have dealt with this. Syeon is Korean so I would have loved to see how much of an advantage she would have had had the teams gone to South Korea, but I digress.

Both the Assholes and Adrian & Collin have gotten out of their car to ask for directions to get to Seoil Farm. Henry says he has to get out and Terri has started to yell which is not good. She begins to bully Henry in what will become one of the longest emotional legs in TARA history. She yells, “We don’t have a map!” over and over again. Meanwhile, Henry just keeps going in an attempt to shut her out. I hate to say this, but Terri is just annoying. I thought this team was going to be a fun entertaining team, but instead, Terri has been a bully and it’s obvious to me that she doesn’t want to be in the race.

Seventeen minutes after Bald Fuck and Crackhead have left, my favorites Paula & Natasha are heading out of the Pit Start. Natasha says they overthink things too much and Paula admits they have to do things faster. And Natasha admits it’s a challenge driving on what she calls “the wrong side of the road.” We in the States are used to having the steering wheel on the left and driving on the right hand side. Those coming over certainly have a lot getting used to just as Americans have to adjust when they go to Japan and Australia. And we focus here on Natasha because we know something happens farther up the road.

The last team to leave is Ann & Diane. Now, we did see the Dancing Moms be deceptive last week when they tried to mislead Daichi & Sawaka, but again, does it warrant the venom from the other teams? We’ll see in this episode.

Now all of the teams are on the highway. Vanessa presses the pedal and Pamela notices that Collin looks really serious, but I call it being focused. Vanessa says they’re trying harder in a country that is totally unfamiliar to them and they don’t want to make enemies. Cut over to Ann & Diane talking amongst themselves and Ann feels they haven’t made war with anyone and she feels they’ve been nice to everyone.

Henry doesn’t seem to like them and calls them the “Desperate Housewives” and says they’re driving like “Old Desperate Housewives” as Diane is driving all over the place trying to prevent the other teams from passing them. Henry calls Diane a “white knuckle driver” and he shows us what he means. That is actually pretty funny.

So the teams are driving in and out of traffic to Seoil Farm. It’s here where we start to get some separation. Terri inexplicably tells Henry to get off the highway and hide from the other teams. Henry doesn’t understand, but then she raises her voice stating, “I want them to get lost. I know how to play their game.” What? I don’t understand. Maybe it’s because I’m tired and I’m trying to decipher Terri’s insane logic.

But through all this maneuvering, the AA’s get to the farm first. And they find that they’ve reached a Road Block. As we know, a Road Block is a task that only one person may perform. In this Road Block, each team must search 1,500 soybean jars for their next clue. And one jar holds a bonus of US$50 from (dreaded product endorsement ahead) Standard Chartered Bank. Bald Fuck decides to do the task, mugging for the camera all the way.

As Arrogant Asshole #1 searches the jars, Arrogant Asshole #2 razzes him telling him to hurry up. This is annoying. I actually wish they would find the clue so I won’t have to see them, but with so many jars and so few clues, this is going to take a while.

As Natasha is driving on the highway, she reaches a tollbooth and then crashes her van into the abutment. This leaves her tire torn to shreds and in a very big bind because neither Paula nor Natasha know how to change a tire. They manage to get a policeman to help and being hot chicks, the police have no problem changing the tire for Paula & Natasha.

But Adrian & Collin drive by without stopping to see if they can help. Terri & Henry also pass them and the Dancing Moms look over and think the best friends have been apprehended. Diane also bangs into the abutment, but doesn’t cause as much damage to her van as Natasha did.

The tire gets changed and Paula & Natasha are on their way to the soybean farm. Vanessa almost takes the wrong exit, but Pamela gets her to the right direction. Meanwhile, Bald Fuck continues to search the soybean jars and there’s no luck. Vanessa & Pamela turn into the farm’s parking lot. Then we see Adrian & Collin at a gas station asking for directions. Just as Vanessa & Pamela shut their van door, Bald Fuck finds the clue.

Vanessa decides that Pamela is more patient than her so the younger sister will look for the clue amid all of the soybean jars.

The Jerkoffs rip open their clue and find they have to drive to Woncheon Resort, an amusement park in Suwon, where they will look for a flagged boat and paddle to a buoy to find their next clue.

So as the sisters run towards the jars, the Extremely Unfunny and Untalented Shitheads run to their van and drive towards Suwon.

Somehow, Adrian & Collin have become sidetracked and have a long ways to drive to Seong. At Seoil Farm, Pamela is looking underneath the jar lids and manages to chip one. She won’t be the last to do this. And she begins to get frustrated in this notorious needle-in-a-haystack task.

Finally, gym buddies Adrian & Collin have arrived at the farm and after looking at the clue, Collin decides that he’ll do it.

Over to married couple Terri & Henry, they’ve stopped to ask directions from the cops as well. This begins a nightmarish leg for the both of them. And she decides that it’s time for her to drive.

At the farm, Pam continues to search for the clue and here comes Collin to look. Pam is now wondering if she’s looking in the wrong place. Collin ignores her complaining and just plows ahead.

Natasha turns into the farm and as she Paula read the clue, it’s decided that Natasha will do the Road Block. Finally, Pam finds the clue and runs off. The sisters drive to Suwon as Paula & Natasha run into the soybean farm and find the 1,500 jars waiting to be searched.

Then Collin finds the clue with the money bonus, holding it up so the camera can get a nice shot of Standard Chartered Bank, a nice stroke for the client. As they take off for the amusement park, Collin wonders how the sisters caught up and overtook them as they were so far ahead, but that circuitous route that the gym buddies took hurt them.

Natasha continues to search the jars and finds nothing. The Dancing Moms taking a page out of the Charla & Mirna rulebook totally kidnap a local riding a moped and order him to lead them to the soybean farm. You can tell he doesn’t want to do it, but Ann & Diane essentially browbeat him until he agrees. This is one part of the race I don’t like, the literal kidnapping of locals. It’s one thing if the local wants to help like Fern during TAR2 did with Oswald & Danny in Hong Kong, but kidnapping or forcing a local to help is something that should be stopped.

As Natasha looks through the soybean jars, the local on his moped is leading the Dancing Moms under protest to Anseong. They get there as Natash
a continues to look under the hot sun of Korea. Diane decides that she will look for the clue amid the sea of soybean jars. Then she takes off a lid and puts her arm into the soybean paste which is immediately stopped by a worker, not before both of Diane’s arms are covered in paste.

Over to the Inane Idiots who are driving to the amusement park. Crackhead is driving in the breakdown lane which Bald Fuck saves them three days. Oh ho ho! You’re so funny, Bald Fuck. Shut up!

Let’s go to Terri & Henry who are now hopelessly lost meaning that the meter in Terri’s head is about to go into the red. She’s yelling about Henry’s navigating, but he suggests to her that she be a bit nicer instead of yelling her head off. He’s trying to be patient while driving, but she’s yelling something incomprehensible. I don’t know how this couple has stayed together, but they seem to love each other. But when it comes to situations like these, it’s tough to watch.

Diane and Natasha continue to search the jars for the clue and Paula says Diane had gone to another field where she was able to find the clue despite arriving to the farm after the best friends. Paula then suggests to Natasha that she go to that field to search for the clue.

Ann & Diane kidnap another local to lead them to Woncheon Resort and he does so under protest as well.

Natasha becomes the second to break a jar lid. They’re made of ceramic so if you use even a small bit of force to close the lid, they’ll break and this is what happened. Finally, Natasha finds the clue and the best friends are now free to drive to the amusement park.

The Dancing Moms are happy they’ve kidnapped the local to take them to the next destination. Ann says it isn’t their looks that’s convincing the locals, it’s their experience. No, it’s your taking the locals by force that’s making them lead the way.

Vanessa is afraid of making a wrong turn while on the way to Suwon. Henry has already made 30 wrong turns and Terri’s voice is so annoying, I’m trying to block it out. They arrive at a library where a local leads them to Seoil Farm where Terri proceeds to yell at Henry to hurry up. I would be making plans for the divorce right here and now, but I’m not Henry. He’s a saint for putting up with Terri’s yelling. So after they look at the clue, Terri decides she’ll do it.

While the Arrogant Assholes are asking for directions, Adrian & Collin have made it to the park and start searching for the marked boat. Soon enough, they find a paddle boat with the familiar red and yellow flag and they start to make their way to the buoy.

The Jerks have finally made it to the Woncheon Resort and the gym buddies are continuing in the water to search for their next clue. They see it and turn towards the buoy’s direction.

Back to Bald Fuck and Crackhead, they have trouble getting into a boat as they’re rather big and tall, but they finally squeeze into one. Adrian & Collin who have finally gotten the Assholes’ respect, reach the buoy first, take their clue and head back to dock. Getting their clue next are the AA’s.

Adrian & Collin rip open their next clue and find that they must drive to the Korean Folk Village in Yongin, a living open air folk museum, where they will find their next clue.

The Increasingly Annoying Big and Tall Jerks get to the dock and get ready to go to Yongin.

While the the Filipino team reads their clue, Adrian & Collin feel good about making it through the paddling task. Collin says it was like training for a half Iron Man triathlon.

Baldie says he likes having a team in front of them so they know where they are. He’s so annoying.

Back at the farm, Terri is searching for the clue. Henry tries to make a suggestion, but Terri yells back so Henry says, “She’s gotta do it her fucking way and that’s why we fucked up.” Terri hears him and this leads to a Terri Death Stare which is not pretty at all. In fact she just stands there and glares at Henry. He tells her to keep going so they can get out of there, but she just stands and stares. She finally resumes her search, but not after staring at Henry for a short amount of time. That was ugly.

Vanessa & Pamela make it over to the amusement park and shove off towards the buoy. Right now, this is a cohesive team. They’re working together and making good progress in the leg.

Finally, Terri finds the last clue and it’s time for the married couple to leave, but as we know, this team and driving in South Korea don’t mix. Henry says he has to find out where they are and he can tell Terri where to go.

Collin & Adrian appear to be close to the Korean Folk Village. Paula & Natasha have nicely asked, and the key word here is nicely, a local to lead them to the Woncheon Resort. I didn’t catch this the first time, but Vanessa & Pam mention that they’re steering a balut. Funny stuff. If you remember the first episode, the teams had
to eat baluts in a Filipino market.

The gym buddies have made it to the Korean Folk Village to the amazement of Bald Fuck and Crackhead. As Adrian & Collin open their clue, they find that they’ve reached the Detour. As Allan tells us, a Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams will have to decide between Too Ho or Too Heavy.

In Too Ho, teams must toss three bamboo sticks into a cylinder from four and a half meters away. Teams with good aim can finish quickly in this traditional Korean game.

In Too Heavy, teams must deliver 30 logs to a house using a traditional Korean carrying device known as a jigae. This task is purely physical, but teams with strength and stamina could finish quickly. This is the task that Adrian & Collin choose. They start stacking the jigae with logs.

The second place team, the Big and Tall Annoyances have arrived and they choose Too Ho. They find their task and begin to strategize on how to complete this task.

Collin has the heavy jigae on his back and ask for directions on where to deliver the logs. It’s important on who finishes this task first as most likely, the next clue will tell teams to go to the Pit Stop.

Vanessa & Pamela have reached the buoy, get their clue and head back to the dock.

The Ginormous Shitheads start to toss the bamboo sticks at the cylinder and find that this task is not easy.

The Dancing Moms have reached the amusement park and give their local a hug, but he runs away screaming. No, this didn’t happen, but it should have. He should have looked for the local police and pressed kidnapping charges, however, it didn’t happen so we move on.

Henry tells Terri to get off the highway based on the map and she does. Ann & Diane find their marked boat and start to paddle. Vanessa & Pam get to the dock and they leave the amusement park in 3rd place.

The Moms are singing as they press towards the buoy. Vanessa & Pam are wondering who might have caught up to them. They don’t realize two teams are ahead and the rest are behind them. But they can’t be blamed for not knowing. Everyone is now on their own and there’s no bunching.

Ann & Diane are close to the buoy now. Bald Fuck cannot get throw his bamboo stick into the narrow cylinder. He and Crackhead continue to alternate throws and their sticks are hitting the rim of the cylinder and falling out. Adrian & Collin have reached the house and the woman waiting for them starts counting the logs. The Dancing Moms have now obtained their next clue.

Realizing they don’t have enough, Adrian & Collin run back to the Too Heavy start point to get more logs.

At the Woncheon Resort, the moms have finished their task and are getting ready to go to their vans. As they’re preparing to leave, Paula & Natasha are arriving. Ann spots them and tells Diane that the girls are not very far behind them. In fact, Diane walks right past them as the best friends get out of their van. Natasha points out that the moms didn’t wish them good luck as they walked past them, no team spirit she says.

So the girls get into their boat and try to push off only to find that they’re still tied into the dock. As Natasha says it was such a blond moment. Here they are trying to paddle and they can’t move a centimeter. Then Paula asks if they’re tied up and indeed they are. Natasha unties them and they’re finally off. These two girls are genuine and funny unlike another team in this race.

As Adrian & Collin are delivering their second batch of logs, Baldie and Dipshit have finally figured out the right touch to throw the sticks into the small cylinder. They have two of the necessary three sticks in the round container. Adrian & Collin are stacking the logs for the lady waiting for them. But Yogurthead throws the final stick into the cylinder and the Arrogant Assholes are the first to get their clue. Adrian & Collin get their clue, but they’re farther away from their van as opposed to the Giant Piles of Human Waste who will be able to leave the Village quicker.

Both teams are instructed to drive from Youngin to Seoul and to Olympic Peace Park, which was featured prominently in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games. The Park is the 7th Pit Stop of this leg of the race. The last team to check in may be eliminated. So the Giant Gag Reflexes and Adrian & Collin race towards the Pit Stop.

We then go to team number three, Vanessa & Pamela. They’re speeding towards the Korean Folk Village when we see them in their post-race confessional.

Pam says she told Vanessa to stay to the left, but instead, she veered right and that is where the trouble began for this team. Pam says she was looking at the map just to make sure and then, Vanessa went to the right and because the roads are confusing, they had a hard time getting back on track. They start to fight as sisters have a tendency to do. Pam is mad over the situation. Vanessa is upset. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Over to Terri & Henry now and they haven’
t reached the amusement park. Just as Terri is about to enter the driver’s side, Henry says he’ll back them out and get them out of there. Terri’s angry about going to the backseat. This isn’t pretty at all. She starts spitting venom at Henry. Goodness.

The yelling continues as we cut back to Vanessa & Pam. Both are upset for different reasons. Pam is angry at Vanessa for veering off the beaten path. Vanessa is beginning to cry for making the wrong turn and disappointing her sister. Vanessa asks Pam to calm down. Then Vanessa called herself stupid for making the mistake. She says, “I told you I’m a stupid person, right?” Pam says no, and Vanessa says she’s sorry for going in the wrong direction, but in the meantime, they’re getting farther and farther away from their destination.

And after a commercial break, Pamela says she doesn’t know what to do. She’s frustrated. Vanessa asks her to look at the map to find a way out. But Pam says there’s nothing she can do. Vanessa asks Pam to swap places. Pamela is panicking. She says they’re falling farther behind so Vanessa does the only thing that a sister can do when the other is panicking. She tells Pamela to shut up.

Back to the other bickering team, Terri & Henry. He says he doesn’t know they’re going and she doesn’t know where they’re going so they’re going to ask someone where to go. He says, “Don’t yell at me when I stop to ask somebody.” Her blood boiling and Terri looks like she’s about to blow.

Over to the lead team, they somehow find a local who helps them and writes the directions to Olympic Park. Ann & Diane are talking to a local to find out where the Korean Folk Village is and Adrian & Collin are also talking to a local about Olympic Park. It appears to me that the streets of South Korea are quite confusing unless you’re a native. Henry is in a local grocery asking for directions and he’s told where to go, but it’ll do no good unless you somehow retain the instructions. It appears this does not happen. Ann says getting from one place to another is the hardest part, not doing a task.

Paula & Natasha are close to the buoy and are able to get their next clue.

Over to fighting sisters Vanessa & Pam, Vanessa asks how to get back, but Pam seems to have shut down, thinking that their chances of staying in the race are out the window.

Reaching the dock, Paula & Natasha now know they have to go to the Korean Folk Village to get their next clue. We realize here that we have true separation. The strong alpha male teams of the Giant Dickheads and Adrian & Collin vying for the top spot. Then it’s the girl-girl teams of Vanessa & Pam, the Dancing Moms and Paula & Natasha fighting to stay in it. And bringing up the rear, it’s Terri & Henry who are hoping just to find one destination without having to ask someone.

Paula & Natasha are on their way to the Village. Natasha says she saw a sign for it so they can head in the proper direction. Ann tells Diane not to go into town to get to the Village. And Pam says she’s disappointed over the wrong turn and feels their race is over. Vanessa apologizes again and Pam says they have to go back, but she doesn’t know which exit to take to start backtracking.

Ann tries to show Diane the map of where they’re going, but Diane says she can’t look while she’s driving, but Ann is insisting before she gives up. Finally, Vanessa & Pam catch a break. A tollbooth taker allows them to take a U-turn so they can head back to the right direction. But Pam is still angry.

Speaking of angry, we cut back to Henry & Terri and Terri’s just yelling. That’s all you need to know.

Pam is now crying in the van, thinking that everything is over, but she must realize that anything can and will happen in the race. Pam continues to complain about the wrong turn, but Vanessa asks her to calm down otherwise she can’t drive.

Over to the bellowing elephant, Henry can’t take any more. He gets out of the van as Terri yells at him for being afraid of getting lost again. I really feel for him.

The top two teams are now stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Seoul as they try to reach Olympic Park. It’s not going well for either team as both teams are stuck in what amounts to a parking lot. They can’t weave in and out of lanes, so they’re pretty much stuck for the most part.

When they reach the Korean Folk Village, Paula & Natasha are surprised to see some clues still inside the box. They decide to do Too Ho. But after taking a wrong turn, they reach the Too Heavy task instead. Paula looks over the jigae and correctly surmises how to do it and Natasha says she’ll carry the logs on her back.

Over to Pam & Vanessa, Pam says they’ll just finish as fast as they can and fall wherever they may. In a bit of a surprise move, the producers start to show the times and in the sisters’ van, it’s 7:22 p.m. Vanessa is crying once again saying what happened isn’t fair to Pam.

The Annoying Asses are now driving in Seoul, and they spot Olympic Stadium, hoping that Olympic Park is nearby, but it appears they’re driving away from the area. Crackhead says they’re not coming in first. Oh, I hope that’s true. In fact, I hope they crash into a tree forcing them out of the race, but I guess that won’t be happening.

Paula is stacking logs onto the jigae which is now on Natasha’s back. She gets all thirty into the jigae, but the stack is looking rather vicarious.

Back in Seoul, Adrian & Collin and the Two Slimeballs are asking for directions. Adrian & Collin have hired a taxi driver to lead them to Olympic Park. The Slimeballs have enlisted a local who’s a slow driver to take them to the Pit Stop.

Paula has finally put all 30 l
ogs into the jigae, but the logs are not stable and some fall right onto Natasha’s head. Paula decides to take some out and they walk over to the house to make two trips. They get to the house and as Natasha sits down, the logs fall out. Poor girl. The woman starts to count them as the Best Friends leave to get more logs.

Ann & Diane have finally reached the Folk Village and they decide to take on the Too Ho task.

Paula & Natasha make their way to the house once again and this time without and logs hitting Natasha’s head. They indeed have 30 logs and are given their next clue.

Ann & Diane reach the Too Ho task and start to throw bamboo sticks at the cylinder. They find the going as tough as the Jerkoffs. So they decide to switch tasks.

Pam & Vanessa finally reach the Village and see Paula & Natasha leaving. The sisters tell the best friends they got lost in passing. So the sisters decide to do Too Ho. Paula takes the wheel and pulls out to drive to Seoul.

At the Too Heavy task, it’s now totally dark as night has fallen in Korea. Ann & Diane try to stack the logs into the jigae, but it falls over. Vanessa & Pam get started on the Too Ho task.

And the Giant Dung Beetles finally make it to Olympic Park, are directed into a parking spot and make a run for the mat where they are told they are first for the fifth straight time. Because they’ve won so many times, the producers do not give them a prize.

At the Village, Ann is carrying the jigae and Diane asks for directions on where to go to deliver the logs. Vanessa & Pamela continue to throw sticks at the cylinders. Vanessa has one go in, while the Dancing Moms are walking around with their logs.

Adrian & Collin hit the mat in second, happy to be there, but Allan tells them they have to find a way to beat the team in front of them.

Ann & Diane have finally reached the house and make their first delivery. At Too Ho, Vanessa keeps apologizing for the wrong turn and Pam tells her to stop and just throw. They finally get the three sticks into the cylinder and get their next clue. What happens next is totally surprising. But we’ll get to that at the end.

Diane is now taking the second load of logs on her back.

Terri is back in the driver’s seat and hopefully she won’t be yelling this time. As you can see, it’s now almost an hour later since we first started getting timechecks from the producers. This is the van being driven by Terri. We’ll see how late they arrive at the Pit Stop.

Ann finally gets the rest of the logs into the jigae and they walk with Diane leading the way, but Ann following her propping up the logs. However, she walks too closely to Diane stepping on her shoe. They argue a little, but they get their clue after bringing the correct amount to the right house.

Finally, Terri & Henry reach the amusement park. It’s quite dark, but for some reason, they get into boat #13. I guess they’re not superstitious. And they eventually reach the buoy and thus get their next clue.

At 9:21 p.m., Ann & Diane are stuck in horrible traffic. They’re not moving, but they still find the time to shout at a local wondering if they’re close to Seoul. Hopefully, the local got out of his car and ran away. We don’t know.

Paula & Natasha are seen driving past the Olympic Stadium, but as we know, it’s not where Olympic Park is located.

As Terri & Henry get into their van, Henry drives and says he has to figure out what road they’re on so Terri just throws the map at him. Very nice. I’m now sick of this couple.

At Olympic Park, Vanessa & Pamela hit the mat and are told by Allan that they’re team number three illiciting this reaction from the sisters. Pam is relieved, Vanessa is in shock. Despite the wrong turns, the sisters are solidly in the game.

Ann & Diane now know that they won’t be eliminated. Ann says she’s confident that the Moms are ahead of one or two teams.

Natasha finds a local who accompanies them to Olympic Park. And the Dancing Moms check into the mat in 4th knowing that they passed Paula & Natasha on the way to the Pit Stop.

Natasha now realizes that her fern is drunk. But he’s directing the girls to the Park.

At the Village, Terri & Henry have arrived and have decided to do the throwing task. She curses whenever she misses. He nudges her to the side and she gets mad. Hoo boy.

At Olympic Park, Natasha pays the drunk some money and she and Paula run to the mat to be informed that they’re 5th. This team always seems to have a smile and I believe this is why they’re quite popular on the AXN-TARA forums. They’re so delightful to watch. I do hope they make it to the final three.

And we’re just going to cut to the last scene because transcribing the yelling of Terri is just sickening to me. I can no longer handle this team and I do hope they get eliminated, but it won’t be in this episode.

After they get lost again and Terri yells at him for the umpteenth time, in their confessional, Henry cries, Terri then says she has low self esteem and is angry over the way Henry treats her. They have a lot of issues to get through. But they arrive on the mat in last place, only to be spared by a non-elimination leg. But instead of being Marked for Elimination as Edwin & Monica were in the season premiere
, they were mugged at the mat. I don’t understand this. Why not have the Marked for Elimination and be consistent instead of having one of each? I don’t know. Perhaps Executive Producer Michael McKay can explain this to me. The mugging at the mat is so unfair to teams and it forces them to beg for money in the next leg. I don’t like it at all.

Anyway, I want to finish this recap and go to bed so our Order of Finish is as follows:

1. Arrogant Assholes – 5th straight first place finish. They’re boring. I hope they’re eliminated in the next episode.
2. Adrian & Collin
3. Vanessa & Pamela – Despite a wrong turn and massive bickering, they recover and get third.
4. Ann & Diane
5. Paula & Natasha
6. Terri & Henry – Saved by non-elimination, mugged at the mat. They should be eliminated as well.

In the next episode, the teams go to Europe and there’s some unexpected difficulty for the Jerkoffs.

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