Don't Be Fooled...

Don't Be Fooled...

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Don't Be Fooled...


Don’t be fooled by the apparent docile nature of these fine feathered friends..

And don’t be fooled by the Quackers’ lame duck performance against the Puppies of Washington on Thursday night (you think that the Quack was just maybe overlooking the Dawgs a tad?)

Tonight, the Quack are going to be ready to play.

With regard to the keys of the game, well, there’s a pretty good post by the evil Vince Grippi over at the Spokesman. And while I think Vince has some solid points on the game to come, I offer a bit of a “counter” key:


Looking back on last year, a big key for us losing was not only great shooting by the Quackers but the ability of Porter and Brooks to get to the middle of the floor and kick out to Shooters who would then fake, cut, and BOMB with amazing success.

So, while Grippi is right that we need to defend the high screen tonight, what we really need to do is to keep Porter and company from breaking down the defense and therefore cause us to provide early help to the middle of the floor (which leaves the wings WIDE open for 3’s and additional drives to the rack).

With that in mind, the key, in my book, is the defensive play of Rochestie on Porter. in my view, Porter can get 18-21 tonight WITHOUT A DUCK WIN if Rochestie is able to keep him on the perimeter and away from the basket…In other words, give him three’s but make him and the Ducks live and die by them: Make them shoot 15-21 foot jumpers ALL NIGHT LONG.

And I think we will.

And I think they’ll make some at their own peril.

This game really has the making of a nightmare if the Quack are firing on all cylinders, but I think that this is a game where the better is team is going to win. And this year, we are unquestionably a better basketball team.

Cougs break the 13 game losing streak to Oregon 65-58.

We’ll be #6 heading into A HUGE weekend @ the Arizona schools

Enjoy it..

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