Pacman wants out of Tennessee

Pacman wants out of Tennessee


Pacman wants out of Tennessee


Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones said in this video he doesn’t want to be a Tennessee Titan anymore.

      “Hopefully I can get out of Tennessee. I want to go to Dallas.”

Since he was drafted three years ago, Pacman has been an enigma. Like many fans, I’ve both cheered him and booed him for his play. Also like many fans, I’ve both criticized him and defended him from criticism for his actions off the field.
There wasn’t a lot of middle ground, though. It seems like most fans either loved him or hated him. His approval rating, so to speak, was perhaps 50% for a while. That number has been steadily dwindling and now approaches zilch.
In the last three years, Pacman has kept giving people less and less reason to support him.
Saying he no longer wants to be a Titan was probably the final straw.
The Titans would probably love to trade him if they could. Several teams might take a chance on him. Denver might, even if they don’t need another cornerback. Oakland is a strong possibility.
Of course, Pacman still needs to get his legal problems in Georgia satisfactorily resolved. If not, he may never play in the league again for any team.

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