The Problem is, Bob...

The Problem is, Bob...


The Problem is, Bob...


there aren’t any good candidates out there. Bob Kravitz stretches hard to come up with something to write about today, positing that the Colts should go through an interview process, ala the Rooney Rule, just to see who’s out there. The problem is that he’s overlooking the facts:

1. The minority candidates getting interviews per the Rooney rule? Jim Caldwell and Ron Meeks. Has anyone else heard another name tossed about? So, both the top minority candidates are from the Colts. Tony Dungy has managed to foster the first legitimate tree of mostly black coaches (Rod Miraneli is his too). He should go to the Hall of Fame just for that. It’s a historic achievement that has benefited football and society.

2. I assume he’s insinuating the Colts would find a better coach among the white guys out there then. If that were true, then why do none of the teams that are currently coachless want to hire anyone? The only hot name was Jason Garrett, and he’s off the market. Sorry, Bob. I don’t see it. He says the Colts might stumble upon a hidden gem, ala Mike Tomilin. Hidden gem, Bob? Everyone knows the white guys out there…they aren’t blowing anyone away. The black guys are all Colts. I just don’t see it.

3. Why insult a top candidate by bringing in a series of unknowns? If you invite a bunch of guys with no experience that no one has ever heard about to interview (we already covered the known, experienced guys above), what are you telling people about your confidence level in Caldwell? It just doesn’t make sense. If you think this is the guy, and there are no other choices that beg for your attention, then go with it. If someone, Kravitz included, wanted to give me another name to consider, that’d be one thing. Instead, those few that argue against Caldwell aren’t’ arguing FOR anyone. So Bob, if you don’t like Caldwell…give us another name. If you can’t, then get in line. The purpose of the Rooney rule is to make sure that black coaches got a chance. Thank God, for the first time in NFL history, a black man is seen as the natural, unquestioned successor to another black man to become an NFL head coach. This is a historic hire that should be questioned only if there was a seriously amazing candidate floating out there that was being ignored. There isn’t. I wish Bill Walsh was sitting around waiting to be the Colts next coach. He’s not, so I can live with this and feel good about it.

He also criticizes Tony Dungy in the piece (aside from his need to restate that he doesn’t agree with Tony on everything. All right. We get it, Bob. You’ve written that same line in every column about Dungy for 10 months now). He says that Dungy would have “a conflicted mind”. Personally, I think that a coach who knows he only has one season left in his career (not in his job, but HIS CAREER), would be hell-bent on winning. Tony wants to go out right. The team will want him to go out right. Seems like a perfect scenario to me. Of all his weak efforts, this piece was one of his weakest. The jist of it is, “The Colts would be better off with a mythical mystery coach that no one has ever heard of and may not even exist than with either a Hall of Famer or his specifically groomed and trained replacement”. Nice work, Bobby. Next time, try. A little.

Tonight’s NFC game should be fun to watch and fun to root for. Like most Colts fans, I’d like to see Eli do well, but my grandmother lived a block from Lambeau in Green Bay. Either way, I’ll have someone to care about in the Super Bowl. I’ll be blogging this game tonight.

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